How To Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Online Education?

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Online Education is changing the face of how we learn. Learning Management Systems are becoming the norm for online learning, making them a part of our daily lives for nearly every student. Learning management systems make life easier for students, teachers and parents. This post will cover what Learning Management Systems is and how they […]

What happens if a university is destroyed or burned out?

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are about 1,500 reported fires in buildings on college campuses per year.  If you’re a student enrolled at one of those colleges or universities, that’s scary. If your campus is ever involved in a fire for any reason, let’s take a look at what may happen next—and […]

Methods to remember formulas class 10 maths

One of the pressurized things about learning maths is memorizing the formulas and scoring good marks. That too in board exams of class 10, students find it hard to remember the formula because of the great amount of pressure they handle. There are certain ways through which the students can memorize the formula of maths. […]

RS Aggarwal for Class 9 Maths

With RS Aggarwal Class 9 answers, how should you revise Maths? Use the textbook solutions to write and practice. Plan your revision of each Maths chapter using the CBSE Class 9 Maths syllabus. Make it a point to go over each idea one chapter at a time. Number Systems (Chapter 1) Understand how to operate […]

How to study for English exam with one week to go

Is your English exam right around the corner too? If yes, then this article is good for you (read it). This article gives tips on how to study for the English exam with one week to go. Thanks to technological advancement, the English language is easy and has a lot of TV shows, movies, books, […]

How to start preparing for biology for NEET exam

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Biology is the most scoring section in the NEET exam. It constitutes 50% of the question paper. One can score high marks in this section easily due to the theoretical nature of the subject. But one must remember that biology is not just mugging up the facts but understanding the process and the concepts.  To […]

Strategies To Score More Than 90% Marks in Class 9 English

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English is deemed to be the main tool of communication in the society around us in the present times. It goes without saying that most of the opportunities in the job sectors can be achieved only if one has good proficiency in the English language. Moreover, many students who aspire to study or work abroad […]

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Pass the NAPLAN Test with an Online Tutor

Every May, most Australian students prepare for the NAPLAN, also known as the National Assessment Program. It is an annual test that measures the understanding of students in literacy and numeracy. Different sections in the test measure the students’ writing, reading, grammar, spelling, and counting skills. The National Assessment Program is vital because it is […]

Can You just study important questions? Read this now.

Important questions are often very important, but at the same time, students should not have the feeling of just studying these questions and neglect the other questions. Important questions in NCERT or in any textbook can be considered and given importance but at the same time to score well it is not just enough to […]