Strategies To Score More Than 90% Marks in Class 9 English

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English is deemed to be the main tool of communication in the society around us in the present times. It goes without saying that most of the opportunities in the job sectors can be achieved only if one has good proficiency in the English language. Moreover, many students who aspire to study or work abroad also need to have a good hand in the English language. Therefore, it is not wrong to state that English as a subject, acts as a very important tool in the personal as well as intellectual development of the individual. 

The addition of English in the school syllabus aims at enhancing the vocabulary of the student from a very early stage in their life. This will help them gain confidence so that while they communicate or sit for interviews, they don’t feel insecure and lacking Something essential. 

Class 9 is a very important part of a student’s school life, as it prepares and grooms them for their upcoming Board examinations, which they will give a year later. The syllabus that is designed for the 9th standard plays a very significant role in the higher classes, as the chapters and topics from the 9th class syllabus will be explained and taught in detail in their higher education. Therefore, it is very important to get a stronghold of the syllabus that is taught in class 9.

Most students enjoy studying English as they find it easier compared to the other subjects. The stories and the poems that the subject English offers grips the student’s interest until the very end. This is not new to us as it is forever noticed and seen that every human being loves and enjoys listening to stories from the day she takes birth, until the day they die. Thus, it is not hard to imagine why English is the most loved subject among the students. But many times, students take this subject for granted and keep it for the last few days of the examination to go through the syllabus and curriculum that is designed for it. This may be because they think that studying English is an easy task and does not require too much dedication and time to fare well in the exams. But this thinking lands the students in a pit hole. 

Thus, to help the students overcome this obstacle, here are a few tips and suggestions that they can follow to become the Shakespeare of English in the near future;


The first thing that a student ought to do and focus on is planning out a routine for themselves. This routine should have strategies to score more than 90% marks in class 9. English has to be planned out in such a way that an equal amount of time is allotted to each and every subject present in the curriculum, without hampering the English preparation. This routine will help the student in managing time and give them enough opportunity to complete their daily tasks. Doing so will help them in completing the syllabus on time without having anything pending for the last minute preparations.


In English, it becomes compulsory for the students to read each and every chapter line by line, and try and understand the essence of what the writer or the poet is trying to convey. Moreover, reading all the chapters will develop the imaginative and cognitive ability of the student that will enable them to put forward their own opinions and viewpoints. Thus, it will help them in achieving a broad outlook on things and help them empathize with them. 


Once the student is done with the reading of the chapters line by line, they now need to turn and work on the NCERT solutions designed by the CBSE board, specifically keeping in mind the needs of the students. These NCERT solutions for class 9 have various exercises with solved answers that will make the learning process easier for the student. The student can easily download these Beehive class 9 pdf solution from any online website. These solutions also have solved question papers that will help the student in attaining a basic understanding of how the questions are usually asked in the question paper.


One very important thing that the student should practice while dealing with a subject such as English is to enhance their reading and writing skills. While reading a particular chapter or content, the students should always have a dictionary in front, so that whenever they come across a word that they have not heard of before, they can easily refer to the dictionary and get the meaning of that particular word. 

This will help enhance the vocabulary of the student. Furthermore, in order to retain these words and the answers of the various chapters, the student should cultivate the habit of writing down these answers again and again, which help increase the writing speed of the student. Apart from this, the student should also have reading practise to achieve the perfect pronunciations of various words. This will also help to boost the confidence of the student while communicating. To practice this, one can stand in front of a mirror and read the excerpts from the chapters out loud. With this method, the student can self-evaluate themselves and work on the areas they feel they are lacking.


Grammar is the most important aspect of the English language. Thus, it becomes the task of the student to polish and strengthen themselves in their grammar. Apart from this, students are also advised to go through new and unique compositions to test themselves so that they are able to solve these when asked in the examination.

Following the above-mentioned techniques can help the student in easily securing more than 90 percent in their class 9 examinations. 

But as it always said that an individual should not limit themselves to only the tasks that lay ahead of them. They should always and forever challenge themselves in achieving more. In this context, it can be advisable for students to cultivate the habit of reading extra novels and story books outside of the syllabus that is designed for them. In addition to this, the student should also participate in various competitions where they have to utilize their creative and communicative abilities, such as debates, speeches etc, to develop a strong and independent personality along with boosting their confidence.


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