Write for us

Well, We also seek new writers. We want to hear about this if you have an idea that would challenge our readers and develop our industry. However, you don’t have to wait for an idea to redefine a new website. Actually seek to put a fresh outlook on a topic that keeps you up throughout the evening.

And we’re also going to be honest: it takes time to write for Vaoversight. We want your service at its best and we’re going to drive you there. When you are approved, our team will provide you with detailed input and you will work closely with a revising editor.

It’s interesting, too. Thousands of your colleagues (and prospective employers, clients or media companies) are going to read your work and you are going to learn a lot about expressing your thoughts, writing and even the subject you thought you understood before you got started.

Things you should know about writing

  • News, Games, Marketing strategies, Web and graphic design, web creation, freelance, blogging & marketing are all the main topics discussed on this site.
  • No paid or supported material can be released.
  • Not all presentations of publications are approved. We reserve the right to reject submissions of papers that are unique to the details we publish. However, you will be free to use it elsewhere if we don’t post your article.
  • For items such as formatting, punctuation and spelling, articles can be changed. We can help with grammar and orthography as required, if English isn’t your first language.
  • Documents should be in Google Document.

Please follow these instructions before you submission your Article

  • Articles may be presented in the format of HTML, text or Word.
  • The original must be all entries. They can not be published elsewhere, nor can they be plagiarised, of course.
  • It ought to be special in its content. If very similar papers have been published on different Websites, we would not like to publish a post.
  • Pictures are fine, if necessary, please include them. Where appropriate and optimized (jpg or png format), images will amount to 725 images to 380 px.
  • Among all images, Alt tags should have been used.
  • At the end of your post, please include a brief author bio. The bio can contain links to your website and/or social networking profiles. We encourage writers to add a link to Google+ to their Google Authority Programme.

Please contact us if you have an article to send. Or, please contact us with your thoughts if you want to address potential topics before writing the message. We also publish free tools for our readers ( colors, textures, icons, etc) as well as posts and tutorials. Please tell us if you have a tool you want to share with our readers.  

A significant reader base has been built and a reputation as a reliable content source in the industry has been created. We are open to new perspectives whether you want to publish a single article or if you want to join us regularly in publishing.