Can You just study important questions? Read this now.

Important questions are often very important, but at the same time, students should not have the feeling of just studying these questions and neglect the other questions. Important questions in NCERT or in any textbook can be considered and given importance but at the same time to score well it is not just enough to read the important questions. Students should be thorough with the chapter and should be able to understand and answer in proper format and relevantly.

Important questions chapter wise.

Students should have the habit of reading the chapters and understand the concepts and the fundamentals thoroughly. Questions cannot be answered without understanding the chapter. Every question is very important and should be given equal importance.

What are the important questions in the chapter?

If a student wants to ace the exam then all the questions and each section in the chapters are very important. We can consider those questions as important, which repeatedly appear in the exam every year. One can give priority to those and be thorough. At the same time, the rest of the questions should also be considered and should be prepared.

Jotting down the important questions

While reading the chapters students can make their own important questions creating the questions on their own and try to answer. This will help them to be ready with any questions. They don’t have to depend on anything if they are thorough. The questions can be short, long or any MCQs unless students are thorough with the chapters it won’t be possible to answer the questions. 

Notes preparation of the important point in the chapter

When you start preparing the notes one can analyze the importance of the topics and the questions. The point and the definitions or the summary of what you note down gets captured in your mind and will help you to present the answers with proper points and content.

The important questions or the reference books will be secondary to brush up on what you have studied but it cannot be your only study material and you should not just depend on these. You should make sure to be confident and know everything about the topics in the chapter. Be it any subject. Every subject is important to add up on your overall percentage.

Completion of the syllabus

Once you have completed the syllabus you can go through the important questions and check if you are able to answer. I am sure you can do it as you have completed the chapters thoroughly and any questions related to the chapters should not be difficult at all.

Study plan 

Reference books, textbooks, everything related will be good and useful only if it is used in a proper way. To make the best use of the study material a proper study plan is very important. Understand the contents and the syllabus in each subject and make a plan as per your convenience.  Every individual has their own way of study. Your plan should include reading, writing notes preparation while reading the chapters, solving the numerical etc. It does not mean that everything you will do in a single day. You can make 2 subjects each day or 3 subjects and the next day the other remaining subject should be given the priority. Numericals should be included every day. Then only you can be confident in solving any problem.

Study Area

As the study plan is important, even the study area is very important. Set a place where you are comfortable and maintain the same for your studies. Keep it clean and tidy. When the study area is proper the concentration also is proper. Keep all the study material required before you start the sessions. Keep only those subjects which you need to study. Don’t keep all the books as it becomes clumsy and you might get demotivated. So make sure to keep only the ones which you have to study.

Chapters and the contents

When you start with the chapters first go through the contents and the topics. Know the importance of each topic. Start reading the chapters and understand. Note down the important topic in the book and summarise yourself what you read and how much you have understood. When the understanding is proper then any questions become easy. 

Question yourself about the chapter and analyze what best the answer could be. This will help you to make your answer very presentable.

Preparation of the important questions in the chapter

You can check out the previous question paper and see the questions appearing related to the chapter which you have studied. If any questions you see that have appeared in the question paper note down the same. Repeat the method for all the chapters. These questions will be your important questions chapter wise. You can also refer to the other important question from the reference books or the NCERT Solutions and note it down. All these will give you the thorough preparation of the chapters and also the important questions.

Revision of the previous day’s sessions

Whenever you are starting your study session make sure to revise the previous day’s notes and the questions then start the next session. The revision has to be done every day before the start of the new sessions. This is the best method of not forgetting what you have studied.

Solving the sample papers

Once you are ready with all the chapters of each subject make a plan for solving the papers. For example 2 sample papers in a day. This will give you the exact idea of the question paper and also you will know your speed in completing the paper in the given time.

Reviewing the notes

Review the notes that you have prepared every day. If you remember any important topic you can add it up in the particular section. This will be helpful when you revise the subject during the exam.

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