There is every chance that your little one can blossom into a gifted writer in the near future. Here are some valuable insights. 


Your child may have the gift of the gab and even a knack for writing. The key is to tap this talent early on and give him/her a chance to creatively express himself/herself without unnecessary distractions, interruptions and roadblocks. The first way to get your child interested in stories is to encourage him/her to participate in an online storytelling for kids program at Yellow Class. You can take your pick from numerous English storytelling classes offered at this platform and they offer a wonderful chance to keep your child engaged while improving his/her reading, writing and speaking skills while also enhancing his/her vocabulary and giving him/her that crucial introduction into the fascinating and magical world of stories and literature. 

Storytelling will get them interested and highly curious about stories, happenings, legends, events and most importantly, what happens next. Once they start thinking in a similar vein, you can also start encouraging them to come up with their own stories. Most children of this bent will initially want to narrate their stories to you. Hear them out and enjoy the experience. Encourage them to tell you stories and make up various scenarios. Once they become attuned towards telling you stories, you can start telling them to pen them down. Once children start writing down their stories, they will quickly discover that they can actually make changes or little modifications to make stories sound/end better. This will instill in them the habit of writing stories. With time, they will also improve rapidly. Encourage them to creatively imagine things and express themselves better. 

Go over their stories, give them positive feedback and reassurance on their choice of subjects, themes and their writing. Make gentle suggestions and corrections wherever applicable. At the same time, focus on getting them better equipped in terms of language, vocabulary, grammar and spelling also. Make sure that you first emphasize on the flow of writing instead of telling them to keep looking out for grammar and spelling mistakes and correcting them instantly. Teach them to keep writing as and when the bug bites them and later edit their work to find mistakes and correct them. Give them technical software and other tools if needed initially until they build up their confidence. 

Source: Reading Eggs 

Tell them to list out characters, their motives and write short plot lines or summaries. This will help them compress their thinking as well. Expose children to a wide range of age-appropriate music, movies, books, newspapers/periodicals and shows on the internet or television. This will broaden their minds and help them come up with better plots alongside. The biggest contribution that you can ensure is encouraging your kids to read as much as they can. Voracious young readers are more likely to be gifted writers as well!

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