One of the pressurized things about learning maths is memorizing the formulas and scoring good marks. That too in board exams of class 10, students find it hard to remember the formula because of the great amount of pressure they handle. There are certain ways through which the students can memorize the formula of maths. If students could understand the formula and its components, they can rebuild those formulas even if they didn’t remember them in the examination. Using the following tricks helps the students to recall the formulas.

Smart tricks to remember the formulas in maths

Here are some of the tricks that help the students of class 10 to remember the formulas in maths.

Be ahead in maths class

It is good to prepare for the next day’s class in advance. This would help to get general ideas about new formulas even before the class. This reading ahead makes them quite familiar with certain terms even though some are not. This may take only less time before the class. This technique brings a huge change in the understanding of formulas while studying maths. 

Learn the meaning of the formula

Learning a formula is quite difficult when it is just memorized without knowing its meaning. This is because the brain cannot connect the meaningless words and hence it is forgotten. So, learning the meaning of the formula is very much essential. First, the students must know the condition on which the formula is applied i.e, it might be like if X > Y. They must draw relevant diagrams for the formula like a parabola, circle, square, etc. Then they should begin to relate the picture with the formula so that it cannot be forgotten. 

Certain mnemonic devices are established over years for some formulas. The students can use those mnemonics when they feel it is hard to study the formula. When there is no mnemonic for some formulas, the students can make their own. They can also cook up new stories that are relevant to the formula to keep them remembered. 

To understand the meaning of the formula, students can break the formula into different parts. The concept behind the formula should be clear. For example, it is known that speed is the time taken by an object to travel a certain distance. So to find out speed, it is necessary to know how far the object traveled and how long it took to travel. Hence the speed is defined as the change in distance/change in time. 

Most of the formulas are built from the existing formulas. Hence the students must be aware of the existing formula. This would help them to review the formulas and study the new ones easily. 

Practice more

There is a famous saying, “ Practice makes a man perfect”. Yes indeed. That too maths needs more practice. Practicing more will strengthen the weak neurons of the brain. Practicing the formula improves learning. Class 10 Maths NCERT Book in Hindi helps the students with more problems to be solved with the formulas. If the students try to learn the formulas without practice they are complicating their learning. 

Most of the math formulas have some Greek symbols which are hard to remember. Students must have the habit of listing those symbols and pasting them somewhere in their room. So that it would get into the mind whenever they see it. This technique could help them to learn the formula easily.

Take good care of the body

Taking care of the body is the most essential thing in learning. Being healthy helps the students to study without any hindrance. Students must be advised to eat healthy foods, exercise daily, drink sufficient water, and get enough sleep. This would improve their memory and help them to remember the formulas for a long time.

Reduce the reference check 

Students often give a glance at the formulas. When they start their exam, they would become blank as they do not remember any of the formulas. Hence the students must try to solve the problems with a formula without looking at it.  

Derivating the formulas helps the student to know the roots and concepts of the formula. When they derive a formula they would rebuild several formulas. Thus the formulas get stored in the brain automatically for a long time. 

Relax the brain

The problems of maths cannot be learned under stress. Stress reduces the potential of the brain. Hence it is difficult to remember even simple things under stress. Relaxing the mind is very important for improving the concentration on studying. Students can do any interesting work that helps them to calm down their minds. If they love gardening they can do it for some time and then start to study. By doing this, it helps them to focus much on the formulas and it lasts in the brain for a long time. 

Develop interest

It is very important to develop some interest in the subject. When the students learn without interest, nothing gets into their minds and they have to work hard to learn. It is easier to learn the more interesting subjects.

Keep away from distraction

There are so many things that distract the students while studying. This is mainly because of television, mobile phones, PlayStations, etc. Students must be away from the things that distract them most during their study time. They can allow a certain amount of time to do these things before starting to study.  Students are not only distracted by gadgets but also by hunger, thirst, drowsiness, etc. They must learn to stay away from these distractions to enhance their concentration in their studies. So being disciplined improves the score in exams. 


These are the smart tricks to improve concentration while studying the math formulas that are hard. Maths should be practiced daily and the student cannot master it overnight. Hence the practice, practice, and practice more enhance the score in the board examination of class 10.  

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