Every May, most Australian students prepare for the NAPLAN, also known as the National Assessment Program. It is an annual test that measures the understanding of students in literacy and numeracy. Different sections in the test measure the students’ writing, reading, grammar, spelling, and counting skills.

The National Assessment Program is vital because it is one way to determine if educational institutions have been properly attending to the students’ learning abilities and preparing them to become an asset to the country. To help your child prepare for the test, NAPLAN tutoring is something you should thoroughly consider.

Why your child could have a higher chance to pass NAPLAN with a tutor

Even if you believe that your kids could excel independently, there is still a possibility that they did not learn everything at school. Each school’s curriculum may vary, and they might not cover some important topics included in the assessment.

In addition, they couldn’t have stayed focused throughout a semester because of the load of other subjects they were taking. But with NAPLAN tutoring, they can review everything they might have missed. Also, getting them a tutor is an effective way to ensure that they are motivated to study.

Here are more reasons why NAPLAN tutors could be beneficial for your child’s test preparations:

Provide practice tests

This part helps students become aware of what they should expect in the assessment. Tutors can give them practice tests to test their existing knowledge and review the parts they think still need more attention.

As you know, practice makes everything easier. Your child will be equipped with the right mindset, and when the test comes, they wouldn’t be surprised or be clueless because they know they have prepared for it very well.

Manage time wisely

Another great thing about hiring a tutor is that they can help your kids manage their time wisely when answering the test. As mentioned, the test is structured with different sections, and these sections have corresponding time limits. Therefore, some students might be slower than others, but it doesn’t mean they can’t improve.

Once the tutors give practice tests, they can assess which parts are difficult to answer. That way, they can focus on that topic and elaborate and review it further.

Solve problems in general

Sometimes, universities focus on only certain things when it comes to teaching students. For example, they focus on narrow and specific topics in essay writing, so students get surprised by the topic they have to write in the NAPLAN test.

However, you could help your child avoid getting this kind of problem with the help of a tutor. They can teach students about writing in general, approaching it well whenever they write something.

Build confidence

Students who take the National Assessment Program are those ranging from the age of 3 to 9. It could be not easy to teach them to be confident with themselves. And at this age, it is important to keep learning as fun and enjoyable as possible without feeling stressed or forced to do anything.

Tutors can help instil students’ trust in themselves. They can serve as their guide to answering better during learning sessions. Their tutor will serve as their second parent, teaching them the importance of education.

It is important to give your child all the support and guidance they need to produce the best results in their NAPLAN test. You can hire a tutor to provide them with practice tests, manage their time better, understand general topics, and build confidence.

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