Community gardening / urban farming


Community gardening and urban farming are on the rise. These types of gardening activities offer people a chance for organic food production, healthy recreation, and improved quality of life. Urban gardening is especially gaining popularity in cities which have the highest rates of diet-related diseases like diabetes and obesity.  Community gardens provide a great way […]

What You Should Know About Coffee Beans and Coffee Farming in the Long Run

Coffee Beans

The classification of coffee beans determines the function of coffee growers in the supply chain. It takes into account economic, social, and environmental considerations. One classification is sustainable coffee, which refers to organically certified coffee beans. Because of rising knowledge and demand, coffee grown in an environmentally friendly manner has become a multibillion-dollar industry with […]

Plant life is an abiotic factor in the environment except

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The abiotic factors are the nonliving components of an ecosystem. The article will list that each of the following is an abiotic factor in the environment except air, water, soil, heat, cold, light and chemical reactions are all abiotic factors.  Plant life is not an abiotic factor because it is living matter that makes up […]

The Ultimate List of Health Do’s and Don’ts

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This list of do’s and don’ts will provide you with a concise collection of the most vital health advice.  Health is a complex topic that can be hard to absorb all at once, which is why this list is so beneficial. Below you will find snippets on everything from what foods to eat, to […]