This list of do’s and don’ts will provide you with a concise collection of the most vital health advice.

 Health is a complex topic that can be hard to absorb all at once, which is why this list is so beneficial. Below you will find snippets on everything from what foods to eat, to how much exercise you should take per day, and even the best way for a body to sleep. 

These instructions come from credible sources such as doctors, nutritionists, and medical experts so know that what you are reading truly helps your health.


1. Exercise: 

Even if you’ve been told that you shouldn’t exercise because of a medical condition, small amounts of regular exercise are beneficial for everyone. 

The more strenuous exercise you do the better. That being said, when starting to exercise it is important to listen to your body so if one form of exercise is not helping your condition do another form or try a different type of equipment or workout until things start to get better.

2. Maintain a healthy diet: 

Always go for foods with as many vitamins and minerals as possible such as fruits and vegetables. 

These foods will help keep your immune system strong and prevent you from getting sick often which is necessary for long lasting health.

3. Chill out: 

Make sure to get a lot of sleep every night and have some designated time for relaxation like watching a movie or reading a book. 

In order to maintain good health you must take care of your body and your mind too. 

Without relaxation, it can be difficult for the body to recover from all the stress it goes through which is why it is important to rest up occasionally.

4. Be happy: 

Studies have shown that positive people live longer than negative people, so if you are having troubles with depression or anxiety talk to someone about how you’re feeling and try guided meditation or even something as simple as deep breathing exercises

Feeling happy will help the body to heal itself and keep the mind from stressing.


1. Sign up for too many clubs: 

Having a lot of clubs to join can be time consuming, which means that you won’t have time to spend with your friends after school or at work. 

This can lead the person to become bored which is not healthy when you are stressed out and feeling down. 

If you really want to get involved in a club then sign up for one that isn’t going to take much of your time and make sure it is something you are good at. 

If after doing this you still don’t have enough free time then maybe it is best if you choose not to get involved in clubs at all.

2.Do not smoke : 

Smoking makes it harder for your heart to pump blood throughout your body, which can cause you to get a heart attack. 

It also means that you will have more difficulty breathing because of all the tar and chemicals you are putting in your lungs. 

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known so once you start it will be hard to quit and cigarettes can be a big expense for someone struggling financially. 

Before starting smoking, talk to your parents about how this habit may affect your home life and family finances.

3. Eat too much junk food: 

If you love junk food and snack foods such as chips, cake, and candy all day long than you need to cut back on these foods. 

A lot of junk food has a lot of empty calories which means that it will add up over time, leading to weight gain even if you are eating healthy meals. 

These foods are also not very good for your body because they are so high in calories which means that when consumed quickly they can cause rapid weight gain. 

If you do have junk food then make sure that it is eaten in moderation and only as a small part of your meals as well.

4. Don’t drink too much alcohol: 

Beer, wine, and liquor all have calories and if you drink too much then you can put on weight even if your eating regular healthy meals. 

These drinks have calories that can be difficult to burn off, which can lead to weight gain and even type 2 diabetes over time.

 It is best to have just a few drinks each week and be sure to drink slowly so you are aware of how many calories you are consuming.

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