It’s difficult to find the words to express how incredible this news is. Some of the world’s most beloved and well-known writers are coming together for a mass collaboration to dive into synonyms that will result in a single, huge book. What’s this new collection of literature going to be called? 

“The Rest Is Still Unwritten.” What an inspiring name — it means that, despite all of our struggles and setbacks, there are still countless stories waiting to be told. And it also means that we get some promising new books coming out soon! We’re so excited about this collaborative project because it finally offers us something optimistic after all these gloomy stories lately — here’s hoping we can enjoy the fresh air for once.

1. The fact that the project is called “The Rest Is Still Unwritten” sounds very hopeful to me. What does this phrase mean?

It means that, despite our problems and limitations, there are still plenty of stories left to be written — and hopefully a lot of fantastic books in the near future.  The book will be made up of stories from some of the greatest authors of our time, all collaborating in one massive text. It’s a wonderful idea— one that may finally lift the world out of its gloomy funk. 

2. The idea of an internationally-recognized, huge book sounds like something from a fairy tale. How did this book come about?

It’s a natural progression from the success of “The Books of Elsewhere” — an ambitious and marvelous series of books from the mid-twentieth century. After being picked up by publishers all over the world, more than two hundred different editions were printed. Many people were thrilled to discover these books for themselves — and there was also another reason to make more copies: some readers hoped that one day there would be a compilation of all three volumes in one massive volume.

3. Really? And now this project has come to fruition? That’s wonderful! What is going on with the book’s creation?

“The Rest Is Still Unwritten” is an ongoing process, but it started several years ago when writers around the world were asked if they would be interested in writing a new story for the book. Not all of them agreed, but a lot of them did. After all, what writer wouldn’t want to be part of something like this?  It’s easy to see why so many authors have been excited about contributing their work to the project.

4. What’s this project’s goal, then? To present a collection of inspiring stories?

That’s right — the editors have been working hard to gather the most creative, imaginative and thoughtful stories they can, ones that will speak to readers around the world. A lot of them are from famous writers — but just as many are from authors who have never been published before! Hopefully these fresh new voices will surprise us all.

5. Wow, I think I understand why there has been such a positive response to “The Rest Is Still Unwritten” so far! Everyone can’t wait for the finished product!

I know, it’s been exciting for literary fans everywhere. And people haven’t even seen the best part yet — there’s going to be a new anthology released every year for the next five years! That’s such a long time to wait for new stories, but we can be certain that it will be worth it.

6. What is this project going to do for the reputation of literature? It sure does sound like an incredible undertaking!

The goal is to bring people back into bookstores, and back into libraries. It’s hard to imagine how something so enormous could manage such a feat — but it has already started working its magic. One publisher that has been accepting submissions for the book has seen a major increase in sales! That’s never happened before.

7. And why is that?

Many authors have been thrilled to see their books appearing in print again. When this project was first mentioned, some people were worried about digitization and e-books possibly harming the book industry and stopping people from buying print editions of the story — but the opposite turned out to be true, at least so far.

8. How many different languages are we speaking here? I hope English isn’t going to suffer because of it!

“The Rest Is Still Unwritten” is written in English — and will remain so for now. As for the future, the possibilities are endless! We may see other languages created for the book in the future, but for now we’ll just have to be content with a single universal edition.

9. I think this is going to be a great new chapter of literature. We can see so many stories here — and many of them are very different from each other!

That’s what makes this project so amazing — each story has its own unique tone, style and perspective on life. And at least some of them will involve fantastic creatures and magical settings, too! It’s hard to imagine how such a huge text could ever be put together — but I’m sure that it will be rewarding to readers all over the world.

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