Tea is so delicious. More than that, it’s a culture, a ritual, and an art form. But if you’re the type of person who wants to feel like the tea you drink is both useful and interesting — well then get ready for some serious inspiration.

These 10 ideas, from both the literal and nonliteral sides of the tea world, are going to give you unique ways to dip into this delicious brew and know about the shelf life for tea.

1. Make Some Lucky Charms In Tea Bags

If you’ve ever been disappointed that a piece of candy won’t churn your tea into purple flakes, then this is the project for you. You won’t be disappointed that these bags aren’t fit for use on candy corn, either — they’re actually great at making all sorts of treats. Popcorn balls? Check. Hard candies? Check. Cinnamon toast crunch? Yup.

So, what are you waiting for? These are a cinch to make.

2. Freeze Your Tea Until It’s Slushie Goodness

Slushies aren’t just for summer — they’re delicious all year ’round, and this is actually the easiest way to get them into your home (or your pocket). Simply freeze some tea in an ice cube tray, toss it in a carry-on, and you’ll have a cup at the ready whenever you need one (and also when you don’t). 

3. Make Little Dishes Of Tea Ingredients

The best part about this idea is that, depending on what you’re serving, you may not even have to cook it. Take a few dry ingredients — like tea leaves and spices — and pour them directly into little dishes. It’s a fun way to invite guests to help themselves while they sit down to chat, and it’s also a fun way to save some of the calories that would come with having the more involved version of your favorite dish.

4. Throw A Tea Party For Your Cat

Cats may not be your typical guests for entertaining, but they can still enjoy all the festivities of a proper tea party. If you’re stumped for ideas on how to make this happen, don’t fret. Simply ask your cat — or any other small animal — what it would like for its tea party.

5. Toast To Fall

Even the most ardent of summer enthusiasts should embrace autumn, and that means toast is in order. Choose a tea to match with your fall favorite foods, and join your kitchen in a toast to autumn’s bounty. You can even go as far as to use your favorite tea as a centerpiece (just be sure it’s small enough that you can fit all of your food around it).

6. Wake Up With Tea

It’s a well-known fact that tea can wake you up — either for the good or the bad. In this case, you’re simply encouraging your body to wake up with a cup of tea in hand. This is an especially good idea if you tend to oversleep your alarm and have trouble getting out of bed.

7. Blend Up Some Tea Cocktails

You can use tea as an ingredient in drinks, and it’ll have a similar effect on the way the drink tastes and looks. For example, try making a winter drink that combines peppermint tea with ginger ale (or any flavored soda) for a seriously delicious flavor combo.

8. Turn Tea Into Scraps For Your Pets

If you’re a pet owner, then you know that their food is going to get old. With this idea, you can actually turn some of those stale morsels into a treat that’s good enough to eat (and tasty enough that your pet will actually want to eat it). You just have to make sure to use the tea as a base for your snack.

9. Make Tea Envelopes For Your Favorite Objects

Instead of using your tea for its intended purpose, you can keep it handy for those special occasions where you want the last name of your favorite book to be on a special envelope. For instance, use a tea bag to decorate a keychain with the book’s name and author.

You can’t keep track of all the things in your life with only four hands, so don’t worry about not finding any room for them in your pockets or briefcases. Instead, give these tea envelopes a try. They’re easy to make and will keep your favorite items close and safe (and even look good on the outside as well).

10. Make Safe Tea Drinking Products

Tea may be one of the safest substances to drink, but it’s also one of the most slippery. That’s why you should make your own tea bags using sugar-free cotton bags — it will prevent you from making a very rushed and sticky mess if you trip on your bag while drinking. Who wouldn’t want to drink their tea in a foam cup that doesn’t spill? Give this idea a try.


Do you have any remarkable tea-related ideas? Place them here, and we will publish them. Tea is delicious, refreshing, and served all over the world. But if you’re looking for ways to make it even more useful to you — especially when it comes to ways of enjoying it — then these 10 cool ideas are for you.

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