A Guide to Encore Technology from Start to Finish

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Have you ever heard of a company called Encore Technology? If you’re familiar with the name and generally know what it does, then good job! However, not many people know much about this company and how they actually operate. Which technology is required when switched networks are designed to include redundant links? In order to claim success in today’s competitive market, companies need to be able to provide customers with all of the information they need — including curious consumers — in order to make an educated decision.

1. What is Encore Technology?

Encore Technology is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of motion drive systems and motion control devices. Over the past 15 years this company has made a name for itself by producing high-quality drives, products and systems that help automate a variety of tasks throughout the production process. They have also made it their mission to be leaders in designing and building automation equipment that can be used in a wide variety of different industries — including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, transportation, aerospace and more.

2. How did Encore Technology start?

In January 1994 Encore Technology began as a small three-man operation located just outside Atlanta, Georgia. According to company president Jim Williams, the first step was to establish a name for themselves. The idea of Encore Technology was born by using the word “encore” as the title for their products and technology. Encore Technology did not launch with a specific product in mind, but it was their branding and logos that helped establish the identity of the company and started all those trends we see today.

3. How is Encore Technology different than other companies?

Encore Technology isn’t just one big operation — they actually have several different divisions that all share similar goals, but each also has its own unique focus. This allows them to work on large-scale projects that others simply can’t handle as efficiently or effectively. For example, their Automated Motion Division works on projects that require several different types of motors and other devices working in unison. This division is also responsible for creating custom-made solutions for specific projects and companies.

4. What are some of Encore Technology’s services?

Encore Technology offers a wide variety of services to their clients, including the following:

Automation systems — They build high-quality automation equipment and systems that can be controlled by computers, PLCs (programmable logic controllers) or other types of devices. Some customers have actually created their own control rooms because they choose to work with Encore Technology so frequently.

5. How many projects does Encore Technology work on?

In order to fulfill their goals of delivering quality and affordable products, the company has worked on literally thousands of different projects at companies all over the country. A majority of these projects are for large manufacturers, but there are many smaller companies and companies that use them for weatherization purposes as well. On average, Encore Technology works on about 100 new projects every year — from simple systems that can also be used in construction to extremely complex computerized systems that require a lot more than just sensors.

6. How many client projects have Encore Technology worked on?

Just in the past five years, they have worked with many different types of companies — from small private companies to large manufacturing facilities. The largest number of projects in a single year has been more than 100, while they have worked on between 20 and 30 new projects every month.

7. What are some of Encore Technology’s most interesting projects?

The idea of one project being more interesting than another may seem strange to some, but for Encore Technology it’s merely another day at the office. For example, one of the most interesting projects Encore Technology ever worked on involved the company that produces turkey calls. It seemed like a silly idea at first, but the project in question actually turned out to be extremely successful. The client had been doing their turkey calls for decades, but they wanted to take things up a notch and make them more durable and longer lasting. The result was a turkey call system that actually worked better than before.

8. Who is Encore Technology’s target market?

While it’s important for any company to have potential customers interested in their products, Encore Technology goes a step further than most and focuses solely on developing products that are specifically designed to help their clients achieve specific goals. This ensures a client’s success and the satisfaction of their customers.

9. How does Encore Technology work with their clients?

There are many ways for Encore Technology to work with their clients, but by far the most common is via email. This is where they discuss any concerns and questions that the companies may have. By having proper communication lines established, it saves everyone time and money and results in better products overall

10. What does Encore Technology consider when working with a client?

When a member of Encore Technology’s team is assigned to work with a company, they work together to establish what the client’s expectations are. In addition, they also discuss the many different options that are available for the companies’ needs and how those will impact Encore Technology as well.


Encore Technology is a company that focuses on innovation and quality. By delivering high-quality automation equipment and systems, they have established themselves as leaders in the industry.

Encore Technology has also made it their mission to be leaders in designing and building automation equipment that can be used in a wide variety of different industries — including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, transportation, aerospace and more. 

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