When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, critics scoffed at the device before it even hit shelves.

In hindsight, they had no idea what was coming. The iphone x the talos principle wallpaper changed history and revolutionized the cell phone industry. Now celebrities are obsessed with their iPhones, as anyone who watches a red carpet event can tell you! How did this happen? Take a deep dive into this fascinating trend that’s sweeping Hollywood with our list of the top 13 possible reasons why celebrities love iPhones.

This post is about how famous people like Steve Jobs and Katy Perry have been seen on more than one occasion using an iphone to text or call someone else while they were at an event.

1. Keeping In Touch with the World

In the age of text messaging, smartphones are a necessity for celebrities. Sure, they have personal assistants, stylists and publicists, but they still need to keep their sanity when they’re not surrounded by people who speak their language. If you think celebrities wouldn’t be able to figure out how to use typewriters or even a landline phone, then you should take an iphone case on a road trip with Steve Jobs one day to see how he’s able to use his phone in public like he’s not being watched by paparazzi or fans.

2. They Are Constantly In the Limelight

In the age of being famous for nothing, getting noticed is harder than ever, which is why iPhones are incredibly useful for celebs looking to garner attention. Whether it’s a photo of Tom Hanks and his wife on vacation in Venice or a picture of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez hand-in-hand in Paris together, selfies take the attention away from them and to their fans instead!

3. Their Fans Love Them

There’s no denying that being famous puts celebrities in a position where they have direct influence over who succeeds or fails in life. Maybe they’re not the ones running the world, but if they put a photo or video of themselves using an iphone, then their fans will see it and do whatever they are doing as well!

4. They Are Always Away From Home

Almost all celebrities travel for their job. Whether it’s a movie premiere in Europe or a concert tour across North America, celebrities can’t always bring their home with them on the road. An iPhone helps them still stay connected to important people back home even though they can’t bring everyone with them wherever they go.

5. Making Calls Is So Much Easier Than Typing

When you’re like a hundred pounds heavier than your phone and the battery is dead at the worst possible time, it can be difficult to quickly use your iPhone in public. Using an iphone case allows celebs to type a quick text or make a quick phone call without having to awkwardly stick their thumb out for everyone around them to see what they’re doing!

6. Fame Doesn’t Make You Invincible

There’s also the fact that stardom isn’t as forgiving to your body as it once was. If you aren’t young and beautiful anymore or are just getting a bit older and not making as much money, then you have to do everything you can to stay relevant in the eyes of the public. With an iphone case, celebrities have figured out how to compete with the younger generation by doing their best to look like they are still part of it!

7. They Don’t Have Anything Better To Do

If there’s one thing about celebrities that we love more than anything else, it’s their work ethic. Even if they are at home relaxing and watching TV, we can always count on them to be working hard in some way at least. The same is true for their iphone. Even though they might be relaxing at home, celebrities have taken their gadgets with them everywhere they go.

8. They Want to Stay in Touch with the World

Right now the world is a very global place. Countries are so connected that movie stars and other celebrities who may not be able to meet the people back home can now stay in touch with them by using their smartphones! If they do want to go on a trip, they can still keep in touch with the world.

9. They Want to Look Good at All Times

It’s hard to have an iphone case and also have it match your outfit perfectly at the same time. If you’re like a celebrity on the red carpet, then your phone has to be as noticeable as possible for others to notice it. A case allows them more freedom than having a plain phone does and allows them to stop worrying about whether or not everyone around them notices their amazing phone!

10. They Live in a World of Glitz & Glamor

The best part about using an iphone case is that it’s just another accessory that makes you look even better than you already do. Everyone loves glitz and glamor, so celebrities aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with their cases! You can get them in so many different finishes and colors that you’ll never want to stop.

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