Food truck culture has come a long way in the past few years. From zipping around cities to selling out completely at the first pop-up market, it’s easy to see how these mobile restaurants have become a part of our everyday lives. Lumpy’s food truck is at the forefront of this movement, consistently expanding with new markets and equipment.  Mashable did a great job compiling a list of things nobody told you about food trucks , but here at Lumpy’s we feel there’s always more to explore. So in that spirit we’ve added our contribution with this list of ten things nobody told you about food trucks:

10 Things Nobody Told You About Food Trucks :

1. Food trucks aren’t just for breakfast.

Breakfast isn’t the only time that food trucks are around. There are plenty of other times of day when it’s nice to grab a bite to eat from a mobile restaurant. You can even find a full meal at the weekend if that’s what your schedule allows, with a burger or a falafel sandwich being popular choices.  Whilst we’re talking about eating out on the go here, there are some great places in Glasgow where you can enjoy street food or a barbecue in style, so take advantage of this to get outside and live a little!

2. Food trucks have an impact on your community.

Almost every city has a thriving food truck culture, and the main reason behind this is that mobile restaurants require very little in the way of investment. For example, a pop-up restaurant could be as simple as a table and chairs set up on the side of the road! In addition to being cheap to run, they also provide something different in terms of food choice and atmosphere, bringing new people into your neighborhood and creating fun events for locals to get excited about. On top of this, you might also find yourself with a new favorite eatery.

3. Have you tried a pizza food truck?

Pizza vans are popular additions to the mobile restaurant scene and for good reason. They’re usually brightly colored and as soon as you spot one it’s hard not to begin salivating over the prospect of cheese, sauce and delicious toppings. The best thing is that pizza comes in many different styles from around the world, so there’s always something new to try out when they roll into town. If you haven’t already experienced pizza from a food truck then you should definitely give it a shot!

4. Food trucks cater for dietary needs.

Globally, many cultures eat meat at every meal. Vegetarianism and veganism are also common in some countries and can be accommodated by food trucks too. If you’re looking for a tasty alternative to a traditional diet then a truck selling veggies or meat substitutes may be just the thing that you need. Viva Mexico Sofrito is a great example of this, with them selling filling burritos sans pork and bringing some authentic flavors to Glasgow. The more adventurous amongst us might even find their way around the world, with Lumpy’s traveling across Europe and Asia!

5. Food trucks can combine food markets with live music.

Lumpy’s has proved that food markets can be successful on the back of our food truck rather than just a stand-alone market. This was an idea that we came up with when the first market was in Edinburgh and people were delighted to see a good selection of food in one place. From there, we realized that a truck selling street food could be an asset to a live music event by providing more options for those who might not be able to get out and enjoy the music outside. It didn’t have to be Connan Mockasin though – it could even be someone local you’ve never heard before!

6. Food trucks can make great vehicles for charitable fundraising.

There are many places around the world where mobile restaurants can be a tremendous benefit to the charitable community, especially for those who may be too poor to afford a proper meal. In the US, food trucks have proved to be great fundraisers for nonprofit organizations such as Black Star Co-op, Meals on Wheels and even Save the Children. It’s simple too – a food truck can cater for one community or serve many people all in one go – results in more money going to charity.

7. Food trucks can be a unique and fun way to interact with your local community.

In addition to the social benefits of food truck marketing discussed above, they are also a fantastic way to connect with your neighbors. Get the kids involved in some sort of activity, playing at the trucks with their friends is an excellent way for them to be active and spend time outside. Combine this with other games or music for a night out that everyone will enjoy! Food trucks have also been used by groups such as Street Mobsters as part of their membership activity. Here, members would campaign for weeks before finally getting their truck rolling around the streets of Glasgow.

8. Food trucks can be a family outing.

There’s nothing quite like spending the day eating out on the go and having a whole day to do so. Bring your family along with you and they’ll love seeing their favorite trucks on their own. Alternatively, try combining these with some of Scotland’s many festivals to see what’s happening in town or close to you too – it can be great fun!

9. Food trucks can provide delicious outdoor dining as well as being mobile restaurants.

With the right setup, food trucks can be a convenient and welcoming addition to your local community. These are great if you’re the kind of person who likes to try out new things and doesn’t want to stick with the same old places. The opportunity for fun food experiences is wide open, so open up your mind and try something new this summer!

10. Food trucks can take up less space than a restaurant.

When you think of a restaurant, you probably imagine it as quite big and having a lot of seating – but that’s not always the case. There are plenty of restaurants out there that are actually much smaller than you might imagine, with a limited number of seats. The food truck has the same concept – it doesn’t have to be big and shiny and spacious to be successful. With a little thought into what kind of food you’re planning to put on the menu and how much space you’re looking for, you can easily fit a food truck in your neighborhood without taking up a whole lot of space.

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