The faraway place where things are kept is one of the most amazing places you will ever see. When you first meet me, I will take you to the island.

 It’s a small island in the middle of nowhere, and it’s all mine. There is no other living soul on this island except me.

 However, even if there are millions of things that I have amassed in my lifetime, they wouldn’t be enough for a single person like me.

 That’s why I also have to leave some things behind on an ocean liner that would travel around and dock with us every now and then while we’re on our tiny little island paradise. It’s a paradise for me, as it is the place where I can play with all my toys without a care in the world.

 I’m sure you’ll find my toys very interesting and exciting too. All of them are the very first of their kind, and they are all so rare that they can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. Not even in the deepest bowels of the Black Market!

The island nation itself is small, around only 100m diameter. It’s an oval-shaped orb floating on top of crystal clear, lukewarm salt water. 

The temperature all around is set to 25 degrees celsius, with no winds or storms all year round.

The faraway place where things are kept

1. The biggest private zoo in the world

The faraway place where things are kept is a private zoo that contains various exotic species of animals both plant and animal alike.

 The animals range from the living to the extinct, both long-gone and newly discovered ones. The only mammals I have in my possession are mostly monkeys, as they are quite cute to me as well as quite intelligent.

There’s one very special animal that I’ve kept there all my life: an ugly old rhino who is really grumpy most of the time, but still irresistibly endearing somehow.

 But he’s very old now and his hide has turned into a dull grey, so I will be sending him off to real heaven soon. 

That is, if I can find a place for him to live in when I’m away. The faraway place where things are kept is the only place that he could remain.

2. The most outrageous exhibition hall in the world

The faraway place where things are kept is also my biggest, most extravagant and rarest exhibition hall in the world.

 It’s a gigantic hall that can hold up to 200% of my total collection of everything I have ever gathered throughout my entire life; indeed it is quite an enormous sum of money.

The hall is huge, with crystal clear glass walls on all sides so you can see the skies above and the many rare creatures below. 

The ceilings are way up high, but the floors elevate to an equally grand height as well, to make sure that you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of everything.

Most of my collection is split into two museum parts: one side for all things from land, and the other side for things from sea. 

Most of these are protected behind glass domes. The interiors are decorated with beautiful murals and the exteriors are crafted with amazing sculptures that make it look even more beautiful than it already does.

3. The most indescribable gallery in the world

The faraway place where things are kept is also a more relaxed place for people to visit after they’ve been to the zoo or the exhibition hall.

It is a gallery that showcases paintings, photographs and sculptures created by me over the years. 

There are many rare and beautiful pieces of artwork in this gallery as well. most of which are very abstract, but they’re still very interesting to look at as there’s something different about them that will surely catch your eye, like how two-dimensional they seem to be.

 The photos in the faraway place where things are kept are also very beautiful, but they’re all digitally recreated versions of me.

4. The world’s most garganta-less flatland

The faraway place where things are kept is just a huge open space with nothing more than a few simple steps leading to the crystal clear waters in front of me and the palm trees soaring high above my head. 

There is a small lake there, with round islands floating on top of it, and it’s just so neat to sit on the shore and look at all these things I’ve collected all around me.

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