How to Choose a Great Video Editing PC for Yourself?

The process of making and editing a video is undoubtedly an exciting one. But you need to have a suitable device on which you can carry out these tasks. Everyone can agree that making a video is only half of the job. The other part is editing it to perfection. At present, the market is overflowing with many options, ranging from high-end desktops to portable laptops. Do you know that even a gaming PC can be used for video or movie editing?

Choosing a high-quality video editing PC boils down to paying attention to certain features. 

Decide between a Desktop or a Laptop

Video editing laptops feature a broad colour gamut display and are very lightweight. They are ideal for cropping, colour-correcting, and rendering movies when you are on the go. 

However, if you want performance over portability, then it is best to go with a desktop. It is because of its size, heat output, and the power it consumes. It also has better specs and runs more smoothly than a laptop. With robust multicore processors, ample RAM, quick storage, and dedicated graphics card, desktops for video editing can enable you to come out with professional quality movies.

Choose SSDs for Storage

You have two options regarding storage: a PC with an HDD or a hard disk drive or an SSD or solid-state drive. You want something fast and reliable. Hence, choose SSDs over HDDs wherever you can. The problem with HDDs is that they begin to struggle when the footage increases. You are likely to encounter stuttering frames when combining numerous clips. 

When choosing a video editing PC, it is a good idea to configure it with various SSDs. A gaming PC with a 500GB SSD is ideal for isolating your finished project and working with huge footage.

 Choose a Model Having High Resolution and Right Colour Display

If you don’t have a good display, then there will always be room for improvement in your finished product. If you are choosing a desktop, you can easily upgrade it to an enhanced external monitor. If you select a laptop, don’t forget to ensure that it comes with a built-in quality panel. 

Do you think that you will be using 4K shooting equipment in future? Make sure that your PC has a display of 3840 by 2160 pixels or more. It will enable you to edit at full resolution. Another essential attribute is colour accuracy. It allows for colour grading that can completely alter the video tone. For it, you need to have a properly calibrated panel.

Pay Attention to Internal Specs

The three major internal specs you need to consider are:

  • CPU – Many advanced video-editing equipment can leverage multiple CPU cores and hyperthreading. Always choose a powerful processor, for example, a 9th or 10th generation Intel i7 or i5 chip.
  • RAM – It will determine the amount of data your software can manage at a single time. A PC with 32GB or more RAM can accomplish this task well. 
  • GPU – The graphics card renders images and enhances video-editing functions. Go for a PC that has a dedicated GPU. NVIDIA RTX 2080 is an example of a fast GPU that can be a good choice for video editors. 

Advanced video-editing software is undoubtedly expensive. Pay attention to the price factor of the software that you purchase for video editing when you are selecting a PC. The budget will define your accessibility to cutting-edge features of a video-editing tool. 

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