A typical sleepover is a time for friends to bond. Friends typically play games, eat junk food, and watch movies together. They also like to tell stories about different things, such as their crushes at school, the latest TikTok trends, or even the games they can play without the internet so they won’t get bored when they find themselves in a place with no signal or internet connection. 

Sleepovers can be fun because it’s an opportunity for kids to feel as if they’re grown-ups already by staying up late and doing things they might not normally do at home, such as eating messy foods or having soda in the middle of the night.

However, if you feel that your sleepover is no longer as exciting as it used to be and you’re feeling a little bored with the same old thing, try some pranks! Here are a few ideas for how to make your next slumber party extra fun. 

8 Sleepover Pranks for Kids

Bucket Over the Door

The Bucket Over the Door Prank is a popular prank to play on unsuspecting people. The idea is to set up a bucket over someone’s door so that it falls off and spills water all over them when they open their door. This prank has been around for many years but recently has become more popular due to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. There are also variations of this prank where you fill the bucket with ice cubes or pebbles instead of water for an even better effect.

Alarm Clocks

One of the most common sleepover pranks is activating an alarm clock in someone’s room at night. It will startle them awake, but if done right, it won’t keep them up for too long, and they’ll enjoy seeing your handiwork!  The best thing about this prank is that there are so many ways to do it. For example, you could set the alarm for really early in the morning, like 4 AM or 5 AM or even earlier than that. You could also set it within just a few minutes after someone goes to bed!

Oreo with Toothpaste

Oreo with toothpaste is a classic prank for sleepovers. The best part about this prank is that it’s so easy to pull off because you can find toothpaste in almost any bathroom and the Oreo cookie is one of the most common snacks found in an American household. So, all you have to do is take an Oreo and put toothpaste on one side of it. Then, offer this “delicious” treat to your unsuspecting victim.

The Ankle Connection

It may sound like a stretch, but we can guarantee you that this is one prank that will bring the house down. The idea is to connect two people’s ankles together with duct tape and then wait for them to wake up in the morning. It might seem weird at first, but trust us- it’ll be worth it.

Balloon Pop

What’s the most exciting way to wake up your guests? Noise, of course! Loud and unexpected noise is surefire for waking someone from their deep slumber. So, when all your guests are already asleep, start popping the inflated balloons you inflated or collected from your night party. Then, continue popping the balloons until everyone has had enough or all the balloons have been popped. 

Mixed-up Clothes

A prank that is perfect for sleepovers with your best friend is the clothing mix-up prank. This trick will always result in finding hilarious clothes you never knew existed. All it takes to play this game is finding two different articles of clothing and switching them around, so they look like one piece from another person’s wardrobe. You can go as simple as swapping out a t-shirt and jeans or as complex as exchanging an entire outfit from head to toe! The possibilities are endless.

Raisin Toothpaste

Do you know the best way to make someone feel like a million bucks? Surprise them with an unexpected present in their morning toothpaste. This is such a fun, and easy prank, all you have to do is put some raisins inside of that tube before bedtime, so when they wake up the following day, there’ll be this little guy popping out at first sight!

Scary Movie

If you have been looking for a scary movie prank to play on your friends at your sleepover, this is the one! To set up the prank, go to youtube and search for “scary movies.” Next, when your friends are in bed or just about ready to fall asleep, start playing that video. They will think they are going crazy because there is no way it could be a coincidence that there was a scary movie in their room when they were about to fall asleep. It would really freak them out and make them jumpy all night long! The best part of this prank is that it doesn’t cost anything! 

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