Wi-Fi had become such a major part of our life that it is hard to think of when the internet wasn’t this accessible and casual. Technology has broken all barriers of accessibility and is available to us no matter where we are. Still, certain areas around the world have to go off the grid (by choice or not). 

If your family is planning a trip in the wilderness where the chances of having the internet are slim to none, do not panic. There is still some hope that you can use your phone to amuse yourself. Android and iPhones have enabled users to access games without the need for connectivity. While the primary goal should be having fun with the family, here are some really creative smartphone apps to keep you entertained no matter where you are: 

Flying Fury Dragon Simulator 

Polish your virtual flying skills in this game by GT Race. Without the use of the internet, you can ride a fire-breathing, realistic dragon. Gift yourself a very own Penelope the dragon (virtual, of course) with this game. 

The game starts from a dragon nest where your customized virtual pet is resting. Flap the wings of your dragon to start the game and control it as it flies through high-resolution islands, mountains, and valleys. Other than just flying, your dragon can do activities like smashing houses, blazing other dragons giving you an incredible overall flying fury dragon simulation. The game is easy to play and does not require Wi-Fi to start. 

Subway Surfers 

An endless running game revolving around teenage graffiti artists, Subway Surfers, is indeed a highly modern and better-looking version of Snake Xenzia. With every update, the game begins in a new city with graphics updated to meet the theme of that particular area. 

The theme music of Subway Surfers can be recognized from a distance. Over the years, they have made challenges and access to different items much more manageable and accessible. Although there still is an option to purchase things, you really don’t need it if Subway Surfers is your choice for a Wi-Fi-free time pass. Just don’t let the guard catch you! 

Color Switch 

Remember the time when Facebook ads were new and all you could see were advertisements of Color Switch? Well, those irritating ads were kind of worth it because this game is such a good addition to your Wi-Fi-free list. 

Basically, a fast-paced obstacle-course game that seems quite simple but is indeed a challenging one. You have to bounce a ball through geometric shapes of different colors. Overall, the game has 6 different modes with 25 levels per mode. It is pretty hard to complete each and every level of this game within a short time. There are regular rewards for the players as well. If you are looking to challenge yourself with some shapes, this is the game for you. As easy as it may sound, Color Switch can indeed give you a challenge. But don’t lose hope – you can win it!

One More Brick 

Are you willing to give your mind an excellent challenge on your next stay at Pigeon Forge Cabins? If yes, One More Brick is the perfect game for you. Use a strategy to break the tiles and progress to the next level. They have hundreds of challenges for you to tackle but remember that it will get hard as you progress. 


Other than keeping you company in the no internet zone, Pictoword can actually be a fantastic car game. While you are heading for the destination, pass around the phone and let people in the car guess the word through pictures. With thousands of levels, this can be a great mind teaser as you won’t be having the internet to help you clear levels. Light the fire around the camp and play this addictive game for hours without getting bored. 

Sonic Dash 

Just like Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash is an endless running game where the iconic Sonic hedgehog and other popular characters run across the screen. The major difference is that there is no one chasing you. All you have to do is cross various obstacles as the speed increases. 

The app does have purchases, but you don’t necessarily need them to enjoy the perks of Sonic Dash. Hitting a barrier will end the game and give you the option to start again. The attractive characters make it quite an engaging game for kids of all ages. 

Candy Crush Saga

A must-have in every mom’s phone, Candy Crush can be a boredom killer if you are off the grid. Join at least three similar styles of candy to pop them and progress ahead. As simple as this interactive, fun-themed whimsical game sounds, you will face complicated challenges making it fairly hard to pass through. 

Offline play can get you through levels but synchronizing data online helps you connect with your Facebook friends to see who is on top of the leaderboard. There are multiple challenges updated for players to win rewards and stay engaged. 

Heads Up! 

The traditional game of charades has recently received a significant update. Heads Up! created by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is a fun and simple game that you may play with one or a hundred friends. All you have to do is hold your phone up to your forehead, listen to the clues given by your friends and guess the word before the time is up!  

This game does require another player, so it would be perfect if you have siblings who are equally uninspired about going off the grid. Other than this, you can add it to your list of no-internet camp-side activities, so everyone can have a great time.

Plants vs. Zombies 

Instead of trying to Google amusement parks near me before the signals go out, install Plants vs. Zombies on your phone. Zombies are out there, ready to eat your brains. However, you can create cute plants with magical powers to stop them from invading your home.

 The fundamental gameplay is enjoyable, but seasoned defenders will need to wait a few hours until they can play truly difficult levels. Plants vs. Zombies, on the other hand, releases new units and locations at a decent speed. There are plenty of other side games to keep you hooked as well. These minigames, puzzles, and Survival mode provide some smart and hard diversions. 

It’s a fairly addictive game that is easily accessible without the need for the internet. Once hooked on this, you will want to have your very own real-life version in your backyard. Unfortunately, that kind of technology is still in development and far too expensive for the common man. 


Androids and iPhones have changed the way we look at entertainment. The time when people thought that the internet is a luxury is gone. Even if you are going off the grid due to location changes, there are plenty of games to keep you entertained. In this article, we have covered some of the most popular games recommended by regular gamers. These games do not require the use of Wi-Fi once installed and set up on your phone. Spend hours without getting bored with these accessible yet challenging games on your smartphone. 

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