Common Questions on Mock Exam Banks

In recent days, you can see that a huge number of students are joining mock test centers. This is because of the positive effect of these centers. However, there are various questions that these students ask before joining. Hence, you should also clear your queries before joining these centers. This is because you may fail […]

Know About Vertical Line

Lines are something that have been in use by humans since a long time. A variety of applications have been brought into use involving lines. Topics which are mostly mathematically centered have used a good amount of theory involving lines. These topics include trigonometry, geometry, mensuration etc. are some of the topics which involve extensive […]

Top 15 FAQs About CPA Review Courses

Many CPAs plunge themselves into the course after only a little research, only to find out that it does not fit their lifestyle. Make sure you are doing your homework and not overspending before enrolling in any program. Let’s take a look at 15 FAQs about CPA review courses to get you started on the […]

Basic Features Of An E-Learning Authoring Tool

We all are aware of the benefits of eLearning. Whether you are a corporate worker or a student, online courses are a highly efficient way of enhancing your knowledge base. They are interactive, engaging and easily accessible. This mode of learning became all the more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the deadly virus forced […]

EdTech and the Future of Education

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This year has been a year of a complete tectonic shift in the field of education. The pandemic has contributed majorly to a transition from traditional classroom-based learning to hybrid learning and in many cases even full-service online learning. This trend is not only seen from a learner’s point of view but also in the […]

Official translation Italian to English London


We all can speak our native language without any trouble. Almost every area, city or country has a native language, and a person who belongs to some other area cannot speak this language unless a person learns it. Just like that when we have to move to some other country, it is better to learn […]

Get Positive UPSC Result with 5 Important Tips

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Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has released the final results of Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2019 on 4th august 2020. Recently, UPSC Prelims 2020 took place on 4th October. The results of the IAS Preliminary examination are expected to be released in Mid-November 2020. When the results come out, both smiles and tears are born […]

Learning in Creative Contexts

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Creativity and innovation are considered to be the basis of academic disciplines as well as educational activities. Many experts in education and psychology have argued that creativity skills are required for achieving success in school and can also be proved to be helpful in the future workforce. For this reason, schools have a responsibility to […]

How to Create a Successful CV for Student?

Successful CV

Making a first CV is always a difficult task but it remains a requisite step to land an internship, a student job or a first “real” job. Although we are talking about student CV, both its form and content remain similar to any type of curriculum vitae. It must convey a professional image and have […]