In this blog post I’ll be telling you about how to use the Adobe Illustrator pen tool to make your own drawing process much faster. Let’s get started with muchvisualize com reviews!

There are a few things that every artist needs when they’re drawing, such as paper and pencils. Other items might be paint, chalk, or markers. But what can you do if you don’t have these items on hand? In fact, what if the only piece of paper in your house is too small for your artwork? Or worse yet, it’s inedible! You could ruin it by licking your fingers and then touching the page.

1. Use Your Computer

If your artwork is too big for the paper you have on hand, or if you can’t find any paper at all, you might have to draw on your computer. Just use either a mouse or the pen tool if you have it (if not, then go learn about it now and then come back here). The pen tool allows for fast sketching and drawing.

I’ll cover how to use the pen tool later in this blog post. For now, let’s just move on to another way of making art faster.

2. Big Brushes

When you’re drawing with a mouse (or even the pen tool), you can use the brush panel at the bottom of Illustrator to make your images larger. In fact, you should try to make everything larger than it actually is. This makes it easier to see what you’re doing, and that makes it easier to draw.

Let’s say that you wanted to draw this cat:

To draw this cat, I made sure my brush was very large so I wouldn’t have to zoom in on it. If I decided to zoom in on the drawing anyways, then I could just move my hand around without having to take my eyes off of the drawing.

This might be something that you aren’t used to doing, but it’ll make your artwork better if you force yourself to do it sometime.

3. Rotate the Image

Sometimes a drawing is turned at a weird angle, and by rotating it you can make it easier for yourself to draw.

This image is rotated 36 degrees counterclockwise so that it looks like this:

You might think that rotating your image can only improve things, but if you rotate too much then everything becomes a blurry mess. It’s better to just keep your images straight up and down so you won’t have to rotate them later on in Adobe Illustrator.

4. Save All the Time

Most of you are probably wondering why you should even bother with any of this just to make your artwork faster, but trust me. Drawing does take a lot of time, so if you’re going to spend that much time on it in the future then you might as well get used to making it faster.

Don’t forget that the more hours you put in the long run, the better your artwork will be. So I recommend that everyone make sure they save all the time they can so they don’t have to redo their drawings later.

5. Custom Shapes

This is one of my secret tips. Custom shapes are something you can copy and paste onto your paper, logo, whatever.

This is a custom shape of a heart:

It allows you to make this drawing very quickly if your heart isn’t coming out right:

6. Rotate Transparent Shapes 

This is an easy trick to make your drawings look different without having to redo them too much (if at all). Let’s say that you have 3 animals in a row: the first animal has it’s head turned 20 degrees to the left, the second animal has it’s head turned 20 degrees to the right, and the last animal has it’s head facing straight up. Easy enough for someone with experience. If you rotate the transparent shape of these animals, then it’ll look like this:

But sometimes you want to make one of the animals face a different way. If so, then just rotate your alpha channel instead and it’ll look like this:

7. Zoom Out! [ZOOM OUT!]

You’ve probably heard this tip before because it’s so common. But I’m going to say it anyways: Zoom out as much as possible! It doesn’t matter if you put an invisible box around your artwork or not. Just zoom out far enough to see what you’re doing. This will help you avoid making mistakes and make your drawings go by faster.

8. Use the Pen Tool

I know this is probably a bad time to talk about the pen tool, but I had to mention it anyway because it helps you draw faster. In fact, you should be using it as well so that you can make corrections much faster in your artwork and add more details. So just go learn how to use it now and then come back here later on.

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