Seven Outrageous Ideas For You To Say Hello In Ghana

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Ghanaian greetings are more than just “hello.” They’re about letting people know that you’re in a WhatsApp group and happy to chat. They announce late-night weekend plans. And they’re a wonderful way of saying hi in person, because yes, Ghanaians do talk face-to-face! How to say hello in ghana? You can start by saying, “Hello, ako!” You can also say, “Good morning,” or, “Good evening.” Or you can be more….Ghanaian and say, “Good morning to you, too!” After all, Ghana is a country that doesn’t let a greeting go to waste!

Seven Outrageous Ideas For You To Say Hello In Ghana :

1. Kuku says, “Good Morning to you, too.”

When you say “good morning” to a person in Ghana, they may ask you back: “To you too.” It sounds like they’re just being polite and agreeing with you-but there’s actually an unspoken message. It means that they’re also saying hello. Plus, it’s an invitation for you to keep talking and saying more about the weather or recent events that have affected your lives. In other words: You can say hello to a person in Ghana by asking them about their day!

2. The Cyber Cow says: “Let’s chat on WhatsApp. Agbeko!”

When you tell a friend in Ghana to “chat on WhatsApp,” they’ll probably ask you: “Are you too?” The answer is yes! No need to add, “On what?” That’s not necessary because the Cyber Cow (aka cyber cow) is your friend! You can chat with a person like this by asking them, “Let’s chat on WhatsApp.” Of course, feel free to tweak it and say: “Let’s chat on Facebook or Twitter.” In fact, most people in Ghana don’t use WhatsApp as their main platform for socializing. They’re more likely to have group chats with two or three other friends.

3. The Firefly says, “What’s up?”

If you ask a Ghanaian about their day, they’ll probably tell you about the things that happened to them that day. And if you ask after that, they’ll probably tell you about the evening events also. Which is why Fireflies are so much fun! Being able to say: What’s up? and get an hour-long conversation going is amazing! But please don’t leave it to them and expect them to continue the conversation for more than one hour! We all have our limits, and so do Ghanaians.

4. The 5-Year-Old says: “Let’s play.”

If you want to start a game or activity with your Ghanaian friends, all you have to do is say, “let’s play!” They’ll probably ask you if they’re invited, and you can say, “Yes!” Or if they’re not available right now, they’ll probably suggest another time. Then they might tell you to invite someone else so that the group is bigger. This is when it’s helpful to know some Ghanaian slang! You can even say (to them or one of the other people who are listening), efe! This means friends or people nearby.

5. The Banana says, “I’m hungry.”

If you live in a small village in Ghana, you probably know how it is to be served no real food for hours or even days at a time when something good is prepared for you! This is why asking a Ghanaian if they’re hungry may not seem like the best greeting. But it depends on the person! If they’re fine and it’s possible that they have some rice or some other food right now, then being able to say: “I’m hungry” will probably mean that you got their attention! They’ll be curious as to what you want and whether they can share it with you.

6. The Aborigine says, “What are you up to?”

If you ask a Ghanaian about the things that have happened in his or her life, they’ll usually talk about those events for quite some time. But if it’s easier for them to tell you what they’re not doing rather than what they are, then saying: “What are you up to?” will probably mean that you’re in good company! Maybe the person is doing house chores or looking for something that they don’t have at home. In any case, asking will continue the conversation and might even get them talking about things that have happened in their private lives!

7. The Look-at-me says, “I want to know.

Ghanaians aren’t “too busy to talk.” If a Ghanaian is able to talk, then they’ll probably talk! Saying, “I want to know” is a wonderful way of starting the conversation. And you will get the person’s attention. It’s like saying you want some gossip or that you find it funny that whatever is happening in their life isn’t ending yet. They’ll be curious about what you find interesting and share with them what’s been happening in your life also.


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