Virtual reality has finally become a reality, and the way it is used has been vastly changing how we communicate with each other of 2016 sslc result karnataka. From its use in advertisements, to just looking around your home or office to stay connected with what is going on, virtual reality offers a chance for us to maximize our time and resources. It is also continuing to branch out into many more areas of life: from education, to military purposes. But what does that mean for the media? For example, if creating video games becomes as accessible as it is now thanks to VR tech then content will be able to provide instant feedback while you play; making advertisements almost impossible without VR technology. The applications of this technology are countless and still being discovered as I write this in 2018.

1. Marketing: 

Advertising is one of the areas that have seen huge changes as a result of virtual reality. Because you can get a better grasp of what a viewer is experiencing in the advertisement, it is possible to create an experience that reactivates an emotion without them even realizing it. For example, when Apple advertises on television for their product, you are not going to see them actually using it on the spot. Instead, an experience that makes you feel what they would do if they were sitting in front of the computer and using their phones would be shown; much like when experienced on social media platforms . Thus, this goes on to show how VR technology can be used for advertising purposes as well. 

2. We are experiencing a new generation of journalism

With so much being able to be uploaded on social media, news outlets are beginning to take notice of the growing power that virtual reality has. From being able to focus on the actual story you want to see, rather than one general angle; this is a great opportunity for news outlets. The ability for users to experience events through their own unique lens allows news organizations, who can go out and film all sorts of different angles and still present them in a way that leaves you with a clear understanding. By having this type of technology available to them, news outlets can then focus more deeply on their content by offering users content that they can feel they were actually there with them when it happened. 

3. Education:

From being able to teach students about events that happened before their time, to letting them take a trip without leaving their hometowns, virtual reality is another tool to assist teachers and students with their learning process. Just like with virtual news, students are able to view real life events and interact with others, but in a way that allows them the chance to experience it all first hand. This new technology gives teachers the ability to mold a whole generation of viewers who understand the world around them, and what effect their actions have.

4. Military uses:

Virtual reality can also be used for these purposes when it comes to training soldiers from all over the world. Whether you are stepping into an unknown area to test out your own skills or whether you are training together with your allies; virtual reality provides a platform that simulates each and every experience that could be faced while on a field of battle or on some other battlefield. This results in a safer environment, where both sides can test out different scenarios and techniques that could be used when they actually face each other. While it is true that this technology can be used for both military purposes and education purposes, the one thing that it cannot do is provide an experience beyond our own minds.

5. Gaming:

While many people tend to perceive the use of virtual reality being primarily for gaming, there are many more ways in which this technology can be applied to this industry. Virtual reality allows you to feel like you are inside a game as opposed to simply watching it play through your screen; making it possible for gamers to feel a certain way about what is going on. Just by you moving and looking in a different direction, you can feel like you are inside the game, as opposed to just sitting on the outside watching it play out; and thus it is easier for gamers to keep their attention on the gameplay. 

Starting with simple games like those that were seen in arcades across our country, virtual reality is now being used in games that we would never have expected. The fact that these games can be completely customized to how the developer wants them to look, makes it so much easier for people who do not want to make a video game from scratch to use technology that will help them create visuals for their own worlds.

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