Teri Meherbaniyan Dog is a 2019 American thriller film directed by Femmy Lydecker and written by Michelle Morgan, based on Alexandra Monir’s eponymous novel of the same name. The film stars Lynette Carolla, Frances J. Oliver, and Jake Thomas as three women who must band together after the death of their beloved dog to solve the mystery behind his killing. Teri Meherbaniyan dog is a film which celebrates the unconditional love between a dog and his owner.

A happy, healthy dog named Teri is playing with his owner, Nelli, in the park. During one of their games, Teri slips on a bar of soap. Confused, he tries to walk around before collapsing onto the ground. Distraught, Nelli calls 911 and immediately takes him to the hospital. After running some tests, they inform her that Teri has an untreatable blood disease that will kill him within a week if nothing is done about it. They offer her an expensive bone marrow transplant surgery but she cannot afford it and neither can they help her financially because they are poor college students.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Teri Meherbaniyan Dog :

1. Praise for Teri:

Teri is a 7-year old Cairn Terrier who plays a key role as the story’s narrator as well as one of the main characters. The only male character in the film, he is not just adorable looking but also has an adorable personality. He brings in a lot of humor to the stories with his comments and replies on situations. 

Also, some moments are set up specifically for him to react and bring out his funniness. I love how in one part, where Jenne shows him the cookies she wants to eat so that he will distract her from talking about anything serious, she tells him that if she keeps eating them then he won’t have any left. He then proceeds to eat one and then says he has to go to the bathroom.

2. Praise for the cast:

Teri Meherbaniyan Dog is a story about three women who are all connected by their passion for dogs, each other, and their pain when one of their beloved pets dies suddenly. These three fantastic women give life to this movie and make it worth watching. They are not only beautiful women but also superb actresses who can move you out of your seat with their performances. Frances J. Oliver is Nelli, the mother of Teri, who loses her beloved dog just a few days after his birthday. She does a fantastic job moving us out of her pain and sadness as she struggles to find sense in this situation as well as cope with each day that passes by. In particular, it was nice to see her being able to express her love for her dog even though he is gone from this world. 

Lynette Carolla is Jenne, the old childhood friend of Nelli who is a successful romance novelist. She does a great job combining the vulnerability she feels when her dog dies with her ability to move on from it and still be able to laugh at herself and be comfortable with the women she does not know that well. Finally, Jake Thomas plays Ronan, Jenne’s new boyfriend who also owns two dogs. He tries his best to comfort her during her time of difficulty but finds it hard as he himself has trouble coping with the loss of his cat. While Ronan is only in one scene, he made a lasting impression on me.

3. Praise for the dog:

Teri is a lovely boy who loves to play and has a lot of personality. Even if he does not appear in the film, he makes his presence known through his lovely thoughts. Teri Meherbaniyan Dog brought out my inner doggy and made me feel incredibly good about myself as I watched it. 

There were several times that Teri would make me laugh out loud or smile at something he said. I also loved how on several occasions after Jenne had been crying, Teri would run up to her and say something silly and then fall off his bed onto the ground with laughter while she was trying to comfort him.

4. Praise for the dog fight:

This movie is an interesting one with a great cast and story. However, the best part has to be Teri Meherbaniyan’s dog fight. I have always been interested in dogs and their relationship with humans, so when I saw this movie, it was just annoying that this dog did not have any speaking lines at all even though he appears in almost every scene in the film. I loved the fight between him and Teri; it was intense and exciting to watch but after it happened, it was kinda too good to be true since Teri was completely fine after and even got up from them fighting.

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