101 Ideas For HEMP

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Hemp is an A+ material remarkable herbs kratom recall. From food to fabric, it has myriad uses. But the marketplace is still small — so this list is about how to get started. It has a few ideas for starting your own hemp business and getting into the hemp market, but it’s mainly about how to buy hemp items as a consumer: what products are available and where to find them.

In addition, this list also includes some of the great things that you can do with hemp: building materials, clothes and fashion accessories- even putting together a salad! (Ahh… nothing like some good old fashioned hay.

1. Hempcrete

Hempcrete is a hemp-based building material. It’s lighter and less expensive than concrete, creating a more energy efficient building envelope. Hempcrete is carbon negative: it effectively captures the CO2 released during production, thereby offsetting its own carbon footprint for 80 years!

Become an advocate for hempcrete by spreading information about its benefits and availability. Start by talking to builders you know and trying to add hemp buildings to your community’s architectural landscape. Produced in the US by The Living Leaf , Portland Hemplime is another example of hemp-based building materials.

2. Hemp Clothing

The US government defines hemp as any part of the Cannabis Sativa plant with less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. This means that hemp clothing can contain all the fibers, natural oils, and fibers used to make cotton and linen clothing – without the psychoactive component.

And here are a few great resources: Wholesale Hemp Textiles company has a wide variety of styles for men and women – in short (and long) sleeve t-shirts; dresses; sweaters; tanks; pants; and tunics. They also have body suits and more! Hemp Plus is a US based store with women’s clothing from hemp apparel made from organic cotton, modal and hemp fiber . Hemp is a fabric with a soft and smooth hand, which makes it especially ideal for yoga leggings and hemp wear . Hemp Hoods USA produces hemp hoodies that are durable, comfortable and breathable. Their hooded sweatshirts use hemp fiber to create a warm and comfortable fit. Their t-shirts are made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and natural fibers. These shirts come in cool colors and designs as well as all black. Add some hemp to your closet every month by signing up for their subscription service! Hemp Hoods also offers hats , bags , wallets , cushions , scarves , sunglasses and more!

3. Hemp Clothing for Children

Children have special needs when it comes to clothing. That’s why hemp was created in the first place! Hemp clothing is made from modal and organic cotton, but since it is also GMO-free and chemical-free, it’s especially safe for your child’s skin. Plus, children’s hemp clothing is perfect for all kinds of special occasions .

Edie Wanner, a mother of three daughters (ages 4 to 8) writes that: “Our daughters are non-toxic and baby friendly! Breastfeeding in particular has never been easier – with extra fabric to accommodate the baby and no need to worry about spillage. When my oldest daughter wore hers to ballet class and all her friends loved them too, I knew this was a winner. ” Hemp Carters are a great resource for children’s clothing in general. Also look for children’s hemp t-shirts, leggings , dresses , and more from Hemp Hoods .

4. Eating Hemp

Hemp seeds are more than just a food: they are the keystone of an entire industry. The US government has been prevented from allowing American farmers to grow hemp since the 1930s, but the benefits far outweigh the risk of growing it. This is especially true since hemp seeds aren’t even psychoactive! (As opposed to marijuana. But don’t worry about that.)

In addition to the benefits of hemp for the body, it’s also wonderful for the digestive tract. Hemp has a balance of omegas that are easily digested, especially ALA. Without ALA, an enzyme called de-ethanization is needed to digest protein and produce amino acids. This can be achieved through hemp seed consumption. Moreover, hemp seeds are one of our best sources of protein , so they are perfect for maintaining muscle mass . They provide many essential fatty acids that are deficient in modern diets, including vitamin E and gamma linoleic acid (GLA). GLA is a natural anti-inflammatory, which means that a diet containing hemp seeds can help to ease inflammatory or autoimmune conditions. These include eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis.

5. Hemp Salads

Hemp seeds are great for salads: they are protein rich and high in plant-based omega 3 fatty acids. They also contain many minerals, including magnesium , phosphorus , zinc , copper and iron . By adding hemp seeds to your salad, you can get all the benefits without having to worry about possible allergic reactions (especially if you have an allergy to gluten). Plus, it just tastes delicious!


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