Hindi film is one of the most well-known film industries in India. Although it is said to have started in the late 1940s, there are many “culprits” who have played a major role in its worldwide success. Bollywood has seen many highs and lows since then, but it still continues to flourish today along with its culture and music industry. However, there are some dark secrets and indian idol winner prize that are hard to ignore when looking at the industry beyond its glamorous exterior. These facts may seem embittered or philosophical but will hopefully serve as some key pieces of advice for those who wish to get involved with Hindi Film Business or understand more about how this industry operates.

1. Hindi Films Are Focused Before They’re “Filmed”

It may seem like the script, screenplay and direction of a film is the most important part when shooting a film in Bollywood, but that’s far from the truth. The most important thing when making a Hindi movie is to attract more audiences because that’s where the money comes in. Therefore, during pre-production, producers will focus on casting actors who have high star value because that is what will draw people into theaters.

2. There Are No “Real” Producers

The producer is one of the main stakeholders involved in filmmaking but there are not many truly responsible producers currently working in Bollywood. Most of the time, the producer is simply an investor who uses his money to back someone else’s film.

3. Actors Are The Bosses

In Bollywood, nobody is above anyone else and this definitely includes actors – which people don’t normally realize. Even big-named celebrities like Aamir Khan can easily be replaced if he demands too high a fee or won’t listen to instructions from producers. This gives actors a huge sense of power but it also makes them more exposed because one bad move on their part can mean unemployment for them.

4. Stars Come And Go…but “Punjab” Always Stays

One of the biggest trends in Hindi film is how ancient historical dramas are making a comeback in recent years. However, most of the producers creating these films are simply recycling old ideas instead of focusing on quality and freshness. The main reason why this practice is so popular among Hindi cinema-makers is because they know that older characters like Aaradhya and Krishna will never die out or lose popularity because people (especially Indians) love them too much.

5. “Star Power” = A Good Script

A film’s script is one of the most vital components in filmmaking. Despite this fact, most Hindi movies have weak scripts that rely heavily on their actors’ charisma to keep them afloat. Not only does this hurt the film’s quality but it also makes it hard for talented actors to prove themselves without a good story or characters to interact with on screen.

6. Audiences Are King

Hindi films are only as popular as they are because of the people who watch them – and Bollywood knows this better than anyone else. Hindi cinema-makers’ main priority is to please the audience as much as possible so they can make a lot of money. Because of this, most movies have predictable plots, stereotyped characters and annoying songs that are easy to sing along with.

7. The Script Doesn’t Matter…But The Director Does

Although producers try to rely on stars alone to get people into theaters, they also realize that not all actors are capable of carrying a film on their own. Therefore, they tend to hire directors who can take certain actors and script them into winning (read: popular) films. This is done so that producers can hire actors worth the money, and not just the ones with high star value.

8. Your Film Will Never Have “Eternal Life”

The only way Hindi films can become more popular is if they keep making new versions of these films all the time. Although Bollywood may seem like a huge machine that never stops producing new hits, people are becoming more aware of how fake these movies are and are therefore starting to stop watching them. Focusing on newer movies is an important aspect for Hindi filmmakers because it keeps their companies from going bankrupt and offers a current source of income for distributors, advertisers and investors.

9. It’s The Superstar, Stupid

The saying “behind every great man is a great woman” isn’t true for Hindi films because strangely enough, it’s the other way around. It seems like the more popular a male actor is, the more female “back-up” he has. Although most male actors enjoy their private lives, they still have to take their female co-stars along with them wherever they go – hence why they always seem to be in relationships.

10. There Are Way Too Many Remakes Coming Out

Hindi movies are definitely one of India’s biggest exports but unfortunately most of these films aren’t very original because they usually rely on older material to sell tickets.

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