Scott Rudkin is the co-founder and editor of WIRED UK magazine. He is also a TV presenter and a really good looking guy. Scott Rudkin could run your company career, he has that kind of magic when it comes to working with people, getting them up to speed and keeping them motivated. Scott Rudkin photo is extremely important to the article, because why would anyone bother reading about Scott Rudkin if you can’t see what he looks like.

Scott Rudkin was born in Liverpool and was raised with his two sisters by his mother. His father died when he was only a young boy, which made him very independent from a very early age. He went to St Edward’s College in Oxford, where he studied English Literature and later found his first job as a video game journalist for a well-known video game magazine called Edge. He has also served as editor of PC Gamer and deputy editor of The Face.

Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Scott Rudkin :

1. Scott Rudkin is a genius

He got an A in his English literature at A Level and an A in his English Literature at Oxford University. Scott Rudkin’s high intellect is the perfect match for my emotional capacity. He probably doesn’t know what that means, but it sounds nice, so I’m going with it. He wrote the book on Digital Art, and the word is, he can code in Java, Flash and Objective-C. Seriously, who else have you met in your life that can say that? Scott Rudkin is a very smart guy who could get a really good job at Google or Facebook if he wanted.

2. Scott Rudkin is super grounded

He is one of the most grounded people I have ever met. That’s his job after all, to keep the team grounded and focused, which is very necessary in a fast-paced digital world. He really understands how our brains work, and how they can be easily manipulated. The problem with that is you get tunnel vision, which makes you numb and unable to respond to anything outside of your “comfort zone”.

3. Scott Rudkin loves his family

His family is very important to him, which makes him a much better leader than the average CEO. He takes his job very seriously but thankfully he has learned to separate work from home. He always makes sure to have a free hour in the afternoon to go home and play with his kids. It’s a shame most people don’t understand that, they think it’s fine to stay at the office until 7pm, leaving their family with take-out and a movie.

4. Scott Rudkin is a man of culture

He loves photography and old cameras, he recently started collecting rare lomography and vintage Polaroids. A man after my own heart. He’s very into music as well; Indie bands like The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, The National are among his favorites. He’s basically a man of the arts.

5. Scott Rudkin is a sports fanatic

He is passionate about football, but he’s even more passionate about cricket and rugby union. He likes watching other teams playing, but he doesn’t like playing himself because it makes him feel too much stress and pressure. He prefers to watch all his favorite teams play, then go home and sit in front of the TV while eating chocolate (or my Lara bars). Now that sounds like a perfect work-life balance to me!

6. Scott Rudkin loves good food

Who doesn’t want good food! He has the distinction of being one of the youngest chefs in the world. He’s very much into the whole organic thing and therefore he doesn’t like processed food. He is a total health nut and that’s why he always pushes people to eat healthy, to stay fit and keep their brains sharp in order to be able to function better in the work environment.

7. Scott Rudkin is cultured

There was this article about how Scott Rudkin likes to go out on dates in tuxedo, I really don’t know what that means but it sounds very rich and fancy. He has been to all the big festivals around Europe (Glastonbury, Lowlands, etc) and he knows what music festivals are all about. He’s got a good taste for art and he loves going to museums. He doesn’t have any kids, so he probably has a lot more time to dedicate himself to all these cultural activities. Lucky guy!

8. Scott Rudkin is genuine

“Good things come from honest people” that’s what he always says. He’s like the ultimate moral compass, which is totally necessary in his line of work. He’s always there to set you straight if you’re doing something wrong, even if that means not giving you a promotion if he feels it’s not deserved.

9. Scott Rudkin isn’t afraid of change

He was the first one to adopt HTML5 technology in their digital magazine. He even has a tattoo of a hashtag on his wrist! (Which I guess everyone has nowadays). He is passionate about keeping up with technology and making sure his company is always on top of their game. He does try to keep an eye out for all the new startups as well, but unfortunately he doesn’t have much time for that because he’s so busy working with his own team.

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