Everything You Need To Know About Rocket Bunny Coinmarketcap.


In the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the king of all crypto coins. But Bitcoin is not the only coin out there. There are thousands and thousands of cryptocurrencies available, and some of them offer significant advantages that Bitcoin doesn’t have. One such cryptocurrency is Rocket Bunny Coinmarketcap (RBB), which offers a host of features that make it one to watch in 2018. Rocket bunny coinmarketcap is listed on coinmarketcap, a website that provides market price, circulating supply and maximum supply of all cryptocurrencies. Here’s everything you need to know about Rocket Bunny.

What is a Rocket Bunny Coin?

Rocket Bunny Coin is a cryptocurrency whose primary purpose is to promote the acceptance of online payments in the gambling industry. This may seem like an odd retort for those who believe cryptocurrencies should be used for more than simply facilitating payments, but there are several reasons why Rocket Bunny is so unique among other digital currencies. In this case, it may not be immediately apparent why one particular cryptocurrency would specifically want to promote gambling transactions as opposed to e-commerce or cybersecurity transactions.

Everything You Need To Know About Rocket Bunny Coinmarketcap :

1. It was designed for the gambling industry.

Rocket Bunny was designed specifically for the online gambling industry, and that’s where most of its demand is likely to come from. The goal is to promote online payments in a way that Bitcoin cannot.

2. It’s built on a new blockchain platform.

Rocket Bunny was not built on top of Ethereum or Bitcoin, though it does use their blockchain technology for transaction verification purposes. Instead, it uses the NEM blockchain platform and protocol, an advanced technology that allows for faster transactions at lower costs. This zeroes in on two major problems with Bitcoin: speed and cost.

3. It’s built to be a financial asset.

Not only is it built to support the gambling industry, but its primary goal is to become a financial asset in its own right. Because it’s not just another cryptocurrency hoping to become a rival form of payment, nearly all of its value will come directly from investors and speculators who are buying coins with the intention of selling them at a higher price later on. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has plenty of users and even more companies supporting it for reasons unrelated to speculation.

4. It’s already popular with online casinos and betting sites.

Rocket Bunny has already seen success in the online gambling world. It is accepted on several of the most popular online casinos and betting sites around, including BetOnline and other sites that accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

5. The coin offers lower transaction fees than Bitcoin.

One of the reasons a lot of people prefer leaving their money in Bitcoin is because transaction fees are incredibly low (or even non-existent) compared to traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. This may change for the worse with new policies from government agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission, but for now it’s still one of Bitcoin’s best features. Rocket Bunny, like Bitcoin, is also designed to be decentralized and not depend on a third-party company or organization.

6. It’s considered to be a better long-term investment than Bitcoin.

Unless you’re shorting Bitcoin, you probably don’t have much of an interest in short trading coins like Rocket Bunny Coin. But it is still possible to make money from cryptocurrency investing much the same way that any other investment can: by buying low and selling high. Rocket Bunny Coin has already gone through its hottest phase of purchasing for speculation sometime around the end of 2016, with prices going as high as $4 per token at one point before plummeting down to roughly $0.50 or less by the end of the year. But with a new year on the horizon, it’s likely to experience something similar.

7. It’s fast, relatively cheap and incorruptible.

Rocket Bunny is designed to be a fast payment system with low transaction fees and virtually zero volatility compared to other currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The NEM blockchain platform was built specifically for faster speed while still being inexpensive enough to use, something that simply cannot be said about existing technologies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Rocket Bunny has already become widely accepted among online casinos as a form of payment because of this reason, and continued development will only make it even more popular in the future.

8. It has a large, engaged community.

Rocket Bunny is a fairly small coin in terms of market caps, and it’s also fairly easy to buy and sell. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t many users on the network, with rumors already circulating about the coin being good for both short-selling and speculation. The coin is likely to experience more mainstream attention in 2018 as people hear more about its innovations and popularity among gambling sites.


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