GameFi is a “play-to-earn” gaming platform that allows users to earn tokens through gameplay, then redeem those tokens for rewards that have a monetary value. 

GameFi is a new way for gamers to earn money for playing their favorite games. Unlike other “earn money from playing games” platforms, GameFi allows you to play a wider variety of fun and to use the in-game currencies earned while playing those games to purchase items or services in other games – not just those that are created and published by GameFi.

There are already numerous blockchain game projects in GameFi, such as CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and others. These games have attracted millions of users, some of whom have become loyal supporters of the projects. Players can purchase GameFi token cryptocurrency platforms, which also provide BNB token and NFTs. The user can monetize the earned token to crypto converter platforms.

GameFi: How It Works

GameFi works by partnering with game publishers that already have their built-in currencies (also known as “virtual currencies” or “in-game currencies”). The game publishers then allow interested users to convert their real-life money into in-game currencies earned through gameplay. In addition, GameFi will create its own currency (called GAM) that can be used across all its partner games.

Play-to-Earn Business Model

The concept of “play to earn” has been adopted by the GameFi team in their effort to create a more sustainable gaming model. NFTs can be used to award game items, which can be earned or bought and then used or sold on NFT marketplaces or crypto exchange.

Gamefi Play to Earn is a unique business model becoming increasingly popular among mobile game developers. As the name implies, game players can earn money by playing, but how does it work?

Gamefi Play to Earn uses two techniques: paying users for their time and success. This combination of techniques allows the company to provide incentives for players willing to invest their time into games in exchange for a reward. 

This enticing idea is quite simple: some ads or in-game purchases are randomly selected to be rewarded with a monetary amount distributed among the players participating. This way, everyone enjoys the game while being rewarded each time they play.

Gamefi’s idea is to let its users play games to earn points which they can then use to donate to any number of charities or organizations. These points are earned while playing the games they love and can be used on various things such as new video games, console time, or even physical merchandise. In addition to earning points, Gamefi offers a program called Gamefi Impact, where users can donate directly to causes they care about in exchange for an additional bonus.

These games use a P2E economic model, which provides players with the opportunity to earn money while playing them, especially with the rising crypto prices today. 

Famous Play To Earn Games

Axie Infinity

On November 7, 2017, the Vietnamese game-development studio Sky Mavis, who had only released a few simple mobile games and a puzzle platformer, officially launched their newest project: Axie Infinity. 

Over 350 different types of Axies can be collected—the player has a choice between several species and then picks a variety of characteristics for their Axie. These characteristics include size, body shape, coloration, patterning, appendages, and accessories such as hats or other clothing. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Decentraland is a virtual realm powered by the Ethereum blockchain, which means it’s completely decentralized. Its users can buy virtual land for their avatars to build upon and decorate. The land is non-fungible, meaning that no two plots are the same. Users can purchase these plots of land using MANA, the platform’s cryptocurrency, which they, in turn, spend on other elements of their avatar’s experience within the game.


The Sandbox’s vision is to create interactive 3D environments that can be built using UGC. Tokens earned from making UGC in The Sandbox are then used to pay landowners to host these environments on their property—a more immersive version of hosting a website on a domain. Any user who wants to play in these shared spaces will need SAND tokens to buy LAND that they can build upon. An ASSETS token may also be purchased if they want to contribute content to be included within the environment.

Earn While Playing

Video games are considered a form of entertainment or play. Play-to-earn products are game mechanics that reward a participant with digital goods, such as points or other tokens, which can take place within the game or on the blockchain. Participating in a play-to-earn product does not guarantee positive returns. There may be high initial costs that are partially or entirely unrecoverable.

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