Marijuana Dispensaries are slowly becoming a thing of the past. They’re not so easy to come by nowadays, and the stigma surrounding it has been erased.

But what about old school marijuana dispensaries like Houghton dispensary? How can you reinvent your dispensary in 2018? Some ideas might be changing any signage that says “medical” to say “adult use only” or, on the flip side, making your logo reflect an actual pot leaf instead of a “Marijuana Dispensary.

1. Online Prescription Service

Now let’s say you’re not a dispensary, but you are a marijuana doctor. A lot of patients nowadays prefer to order pot online rather than going through a doctor. By making your business go online, they save time and money! What if the patient decides they don’t want the medication? No problem! You can cancel their order and refund them no questions asked!

2. Cannabis Consultants

In your age-old dispensary, you may have a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. Perhaps you clean, make edibles or do repairs? Your best option is to turn that into cash by hiring cannabis consultants! They can sell their services to other dispensaries as well as clubs and stores. They can even do community outreach!

3. Edibles & Drinks Branding

Now one important thing would be to make sure that your products don’t taste like the real deal. Make sure to taste test the product before you go and sell it in the dispensary! You can even get a wholesale deal for your creations with other edible brands and put them into sample bags with your logo on it!

4. Cupcakes

Why not brand cupcakes with your logo on it? Cupcakes are delicious, and who doesn’t want to bite into a pot flavored cupcake?

5. Cannabis Trade Show

If you want to protect your dispensary business (since they’re not as easy to come by), perhaps you can set up a trade show that people can go to in your town and buy cannabis here! You could also set up a booth at an expo selling similar products too!

6. Clothing Line

Clothing lines are something that I find is not in business very often. Something like “Hemp Dockers” or “Weed Wings” might be something you can sell online on sites like Etsy or Amazon.

7. Re-branding

Say you’re opening a dispensary and you want to give it a new look. Perhaps instead of a marijuana leaf, you could use the cannabis leaf that represents the city of your shop? Like how Boulder, under Colorado’s legalization, started selling weed called “Boulder Kush” !

8. Cannabis Sauce & Rubs

Why not turn your cannabis into sauces that people can buy online and put on their meat or dip some chips in? Perhaps something like a medical version of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce! They might be able to buy it at their local grocery store! If not, they can definitely order it online!

9. Branding All Over The City

If you’re opening a business in a city that prohibits marijuana, they might not allow cannabis dispensaries anyway. However, you can have your dispensary branded all over the city. For example, there’s a Union Square location in New York that has their signage printed on everything from hats to mugs!

10. Branding Your Phone Case or Other Accessories

There are several places online where you can buy phone case designs for companies like Snapchat or Instagram and then print them out yourself! You could either use your own logo or something similar to pass off as one of yours!

11. Hire An Animator

By hiring an animator, you can make a cartoon out of yourself, your team or your product! This could be used as social media advertising or even to put on shirts! They can even animate other short videos online and post them via Instagram Videos!

12. Use Social Media More Often!

Social Media is still one of the most effective tools to grow your business. It’s definitely one thing that you should use more often if you don’t already.

13. Branding On Candy, Syrups & Other Things

Have you noticed that a lot of the new cannabis companies are branding their products on candies, syrups and other things? They’re even making gummies! If you have the money, you should do it as well!

14. CBD (Cannabidiol) In All Of Their Products

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding CBD lately. Perhaps you can brand your products with something like a “Purple Haze” or “White Widow”. You could even make 100% Pure Organic CBD oils for people who might want to try it out. You could even create CBD gummies to go along with it!


These are just a few things that you can do to rebrand your dispensary in 2018. It all depends on what type of business you want to start! Just make sure that you’re always pushing yourself forward and that you always want to innovate! Hopefully, these ideas will spark an idea for further research down the road!

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