Are you struggling to reduce a low COIN ROLL CHART? It isn’t easy, but it is possible! In this post, we’re going to introduce you to three ways that can drastically increase your likelihood of reducing your current level in exactly three days. You’ll learn about the best practices for researching and selecting coins to invest in and how risky your investment plan must be. Lastly, we’ll provide some general advice on successful coin selection.

1. Select Your Coins Carefully

The importance of choosing coins wisely can’t be overstated . Every single day, thousands of people lose thousands of dollars to coins that they mistakenly considered as buy opportunities. If you’re greedy or have no exit plan, your losses will accumulate quickly.

Sticking to proven coins is probably the only way to avoid common mistakes made by beginners and amateurs.

Unfortunately, the most important lesson to be learned from 2016 is that there are no guaranteed investment strategies. In fact, nearly half of all 2017 coin launches failed in their first day of release. Several coins lost almost everything they had just hours after going on sale. Why? Because teams came up with the wrong product and/or business model.

Once you find a coin that you want to invest in, make sure to check the following:

1) Does the team have experience in blockchain technology (development, white paper, etc. )?

2) Does the team have a working product? If such is the case, then how is the product being received by users?

3) Does the team have a realistic and achievable roadmap that allows for continuous software development, business development, marketing and community engagement?

2. Identify the Need

Investing in coins that have a need for their product is another important thing to remember. Most novice traders look for market cap and price when investing, which is why the most talked about coins are often pump and dumps. Do not invest in a coin just because it has a high market cap or price. Yes, you may be able to make quick profits this way, but this is an unreliable way to increase your coin roll.

Consider the following points when identifying coins that need their product:

1) Is the coin solving a problem? If so, what is the potential benefit of using their coin?

2) Can this solution be replicated by competitors?

3) Will prices rebound in case of an unexpected crash?.

3. Start With a Small Amount of Capital

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is risking too much capital on one coin. You should always start with a small amount and then reinvest your profits into more coins.

The obvious answer is to use a Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, I do not recommend using these two coins as your initial investment.

Instead, allocate a portion of your investment capital to a handful of small coins that you believe in. In fact, you should start off by investing a small portion of capital in the coins that your company produces. If your company has a good coin (as many mine-based companies currently do), this should be easy to achieve.

4. Have an Exit Plan

The only way to make profit consistently is to have an exit plan. This is the key to using the coin roll chart effectively. Having an exit plan will allow you to control your emotions when certain coins fall in value and limit your losses when they do.

If you have a coin that looks promising, you should keep in mind that its price may decline. In this case, you should sell your investment for a profit, but limit the amount of money that you lose if at all possible.

What I’m trying to say is, you should always have an exit plan for your coins before investing more. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a position where your investments no longer make sense and you can’t sell them at a profit.

5. Always Consider a Buyback

Many people do not consider the fact that buying back their coins can increase your ROI rather than decreasing it. Most people tend to sell their coins when they are at a loss, which is why they end up investing in coins that have no potential. If you can do a buyback, however, you can effectively remove coins from circulation and increase the ROI on your investment.

6. Consider the Number of Coins

One of the key metrics that people often overlook is the number of coins that a company is selling to investors. In fact, the number of coins being sold is often the deciding factor in an ICO. This is because many people believe that ICOs with fewer coins available for purchase will lead to a higher ROI as a result of demand.


These are six basic guidelines that you can use to maximize your profit from coin roll charts. If you follow these guidelines, you will have no trouble reaching a final amount of coin roll that is much lower than the one you have today.

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