If you’re looking to make your office as professional as possible, it’s important you’re on top of the game with accessories like letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. However, a lot of people are making pretty basic mistakes that could lead to some embarrassing results. Here are the most common office accessories like over cubicle hook mistakes people make and what you should do instead!

1. Using a high quality office letterhead and paper stock

When it comes to crafting high-quality office work, you don’t have to settle for bad quality or poor paper stock. What makes great office supplies so important is a well-made letterhead and envelope that are personalized with your business name, contact information, and company logo.

The way you use your materials can also be the difference between having an effective professional image or embarrassing yourself in the workplace. You can easily see this in the way some businesses send their cards out with just a typed message and no fancy letterheads or envelopes.

2. Sending your cards without a company logo

If you send cards out with no company logo, it can easily be overlooked. This means you could be sending a letter that doesn’t represent your brand or message. And when businesses are receiving or sending out a lot of mail, they might forget who’s on the other end of the card. Sending cards with no logo can also create a bad impression and make people think you’re not professional enough to have an office at all.

3. Not including a return address

It’s often pointless to send someone an envelope or letter without including a return address so they know who to contact. If you don’t have a physical return address for your business, you’re leaving it up to word of mouth or the other person’s intuition to figure out who you are.

4. Sending your cards with a scribbled return address on the envelope

When sending out business cards, it’s essential that you include a company logo on the card along with your contact information and direction. Most people send out their cards with a handwritten name and address but if someone does not recognize who you are or doesn’t have time to write down their information, some people will simply write “Love Kelly” on an envelope.

5. Using clip art for your cards

You might think that using clip art is a good way to make your business cards stand out. However, it’s important to remember that you’re representing your company and brand, not just yourself. If you want people to take your cards seriously and actually read them, it’s best to use quality materials that reflect a professional image.

6. Not completing the information on the letterhead

If you’re sending out business cards with a letterhead, make sure the card has no missing information. You should always check that all of your contact information is correct including things like phone numbers, addresses and email addresses.

7. Sending out cards with the wrong paper stock

It’s not a big deal if your card is printed on a different kind of paper stockā€”it just looks a bit off when it’s sent out. Instead, you should only use branded paper stock that matches your brand and style. Different kinds of sheets will give you different results to ensure your cards can be used to their full potential.

8. Sending out cards with incorrect information

You might think that just writing out the contact information on your card isn’t a big deal. However, the way you describe your company can cause a lot of confusion and make people feel like they’re not getting the right information. It’s always good to double check this so you don’t completely turn someone off to contacting you.

9. Not including a business logo or motto

It’s important to include a company logo or motto when sending out business cards because it gives people something they can put their hand on while looking at your card. Even if it’s just a simple shape, it can give people a sense that maybe everything is okay if they do have any problems with a company in the future.

10. The wrong kind of envelope

When it comes to sending out business cards with a letterhead, you need to use envelopes that match the style and quality of your cards. This is one of the first things people look at when they receive an envelope, so make sure you’ve made the right impression!

11. A logo that’s too hard to read

If your company logo is too small and hard to read, people will just pass it off as another small company and throw it in their trash bin or hand it over to someone else. Instead, try making your logo slightly bigger so that people can appreciate it more easily when they see it for the first time.


With all of these things to think about, it’s vital that you find a way to stand out from all the other companies sending out business cards. These tips will help you with any problems you’ve been having, so keep them in mind for your next card mailing!

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