Gold is perceived to be a precious and valuable commodity as an investment. While some individuals and those working solo or on behalf of a company in investment enjoy looking to make returns in purchasing stocks and shares, there can be risks attached.

However, investing in gold means that you are highly unlikely to lose money on your investment as it stands up to interest rates and currencies falling, owing to world events that can then cause changes and downturns in individual nations. Therefore, looking to purchase from gold bullion dealers makes so much sense.

But what about all the myths that circulate about gold and how they could be seen as a deterrent? Let’s examine and debunk them.

1. You Must Be Rich To Buy Gold. Because of its perception of being ultra-expensive, it can put people off looking to purchase this precious metal. This is among the most common of misconceptions when the truth is, you don’t have to be overly wealthy to invest in it. You can acquire pieces of this metal based on your budget, just like how the clients of City Gold Bullion gold coins Brisbane retail specialist do it. Let’s say your budget is at the low end, you can still buy plain gold bangles, pendants, necklaces, or even gold coins. And if you do invest in jewellery you get continual use from it at the same time, as it can be worn to boost your self-esteem.

Budgets will also determine on the quantity of gold to buy as per the live gold prices on the day of making the investment. Many gold bullion dealers will be able to assist you in buying gold in small amounts, leading to further gradual purchases to add to the investment.

2. Gold Is Not A Good Investment. This is a false myth. In fact, investing in gold will give good returns. It acts as good insurance as well as an excellent option for investment, especially against dropping equity prices. Low economic and recessions do not affect gold prices as it is also used to solidify and stabilize portfolios. Gold offers better value as an investment option, compared with other metals, such as diamond or platinum.

3. Gold Is Not As Valuable As Cash. The currencies of today are very modern in the grand scheme of things. Gold has been around for over 8,000 years and has retained its value. How many currencies can make that claim? If gold was not as valuable as cash, then why would so many professional investors look to purchase it? Safes and vaults of major international banks around the world contain gold bullion which dispels the myth that gold is worthless compared to cash. To see the local history of gold mining, a museum visit will offer insight.

4. Security Risks. In the past, gold was not easy to store safely. However, you can now make an investment without even having to physically touch it, as many gold brokers also offer safe storage facilities for gold investors. 

Gold will always continue to be a good investment, whether for a big company, a private investor or the ordinary person on the street.

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