Although the tax is necessary for the government in order to maintain order and keep society functioning, it could possibly be seen as a punishment for people who are employed. The tax causes some economic inequality between the working class and wealthy class because only those who can afford to pay taxes have any say over their country’s policies. The low income worker cannot have any impact on what they do not control, so they feel powerless and this can cause stress which leads to poor health. A flow field is defined by u=(2×2+1)m/s and v=(xy)m/s, where x and y are in meters.

Good tax:

1. The tax funds schools and hospitals which are important in being able to have a functioning society. It also is used to fund public services, such as libraries and fire departments.

2. It gives low income workers a say on what their country does by electing officials who advocate policies that fit their needs.

3. The tax lets people have the security they need knowing that if they get sick or have an emergency, they will be covered with health care provided by their country.

4. The tax can be used to help build public transportation and infrastructure which are needed so people can get to where they need to go and also helps the environment because it helps less production of gasoline, oil, and pollution from vehicles for highways/roadways, etc… than road transportation like personal cars.

5. The tax helps keep a fair price on goods because if they were sold for too low of a price, it would encourage more production of goods and create more jobs, but as the government keeps prices fair, people do not have to work as much to pay for necessities.

6. The tax distributes financial resources fairly amongst the citizens of the country so that everyone has enough money to live comfortably and with the opportunity to better themselves or even risk creating new products that might create jobs in new industries.

7. The tax is needed to help keep the country running smoothly and so that people do not have to pay for things out of pocket such as building schools, street lights, parks, and other public services.

Bad tax:

1. The tax causes economic inequality because the wealthy class can hire an accountant or use tax shelters to lower their taxable income while the working class has no choice but to pay full price. This skews the distribution of wealth because only those who can afford it have control over what happens in their country, whereas those who cannot afford it are left out of any decisions at all.

2. Some groups may feel resentful towards the tax because they are not able to afford it, so they feel less satisfied with their country, and this can lead to them feeling angry or even violent towards those who are more fortunate.

3. The tax works against the economy because the government is taking money away from people who earn more than they do. If people were taxed equally, no person would be receiving less than what he/she earned and everyone would have an equal say in how their country’s policies are run, so no one would feel left out or unrepresented by what is going on in their own country.

4. It puts a strain on businesses and takes away profits which could be used to hire more workers, however it doesn’t necessarily improve the quality of jobs because any money saved by the business is not being spent but just put into a bank account or tax shelter.

5. The government can become corrupt if it has too much power because there is temptation to take advantage of all the power and resources available. This can lead to unfair policies that hurt people like raising taxes excessively, so some individuals will be overburdened with paying more, while others get off easily.

6. The tax cannot keep up with the needs of an ever-growing population such as in countries like India and China where they have a high birth rate compared to other countries.

7. The tax is an inconvenience for people who are trying to avoid it or who feel that it is unfair, so this can cause issues with the government and within the country because it might cause people to fight back against their government, even if they do not have any power or control over it.


However, since taxes do improve the quality of life for millions of people in our world today, they are important to keep around and in some countries they are needed more than others due to those countries having more people or a lower tax base making it harder to improve the overall quality of life for all of their citizens. 


Taxation is the process of enforcing a tax on consumers and producers to fund national governments. Governments use taxation to fund public investments, public revenue, public welfare, debt repayment and many more things. It is also the system through which governments must raise revenue for their activities. The tax is collected mainly through a government giant agency such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Taxation can also be imposed by private companies either voluntarily or by law.

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