Summer is the most hated season. We use different methods to keep the heat of the summer out of our house. During hot summer days, your windows bring a lot of heat. You must insulate your windows properly to keep the heat away from your home. Here, we will list down the methods to weatherproof windows for summer. 

The best way to weatherproof windows is by insulating them. There are many ways to insulate your windows. If you want to face this summer by chilling inside of your home, then you must follow these methods! 

Ways to Weatherproof Windows for Summer 

Before we get on to the list of methods to insulate windows in summer, you must know about the weather data for that particular season. Thankfully, we can now collect weather data reports using mobile apps and websites. We need to know about the lowest and highest temperature for the season. Once you know about the weather reports, you can start the preparations! 

Method 1: Bubble Wrap 

Every home has bubble wraps in it. If you are wondering about how bubble wrap can help you keep your home cool in summer, then there is a quick way to do so. You can simply stick bubble wrap across your window. 

Keep the bubbles attached to the windows, it will stick easily and remain there until you remove them. You can even sprinkle cold water inside the bubble wrap which prevents heatwaves from getting inside your home. 

Method 2: Weatherstrip 

Weatherstrips are good for all seasons be it in summer or winter. The weatherstrip must keep the cool air inside and hot air outside during the summers. In winter, it keeps cool air away from your home and maintains the temperature inside. Weatherstrip is a convenient solution for all seasons. If you want a permanent solution, then we would recommend going with the weatherstrip option. 

Method 3: High-quality Windows Film 

Just like a car’s windshield, there is high-quality reflective window film available on the market. You can stick high reflective films to your windows to keep the hot sun rays away from your home. The high reflective films reflect rays that help your room and home stay cool. 

Furthermore, it can provide privacy as nobody can see what’s going on inside when you stick the high reflective window film to your windows. Make sure that the reflective films do not disturb your neighbors. 

Method 4: Blackout Blinds 

Blackout Blinds is considered a luxury item. Rich people keep their privacy and maintain the temperature of their homes by installing blackout blinds. Blackout blinds are a bit expensive option; however, it is the best solution to keep the sunrays away from your home. Just pull the rope off the blind and the windows will be covered up with the blackout blinds. 

What’s odd here is it doesn’t even a single ray of sun come inside your home. You will feel total darkness. It helps you sleep better and faster and also provides privacy. The only drawback of blackout blinds is it makes your room completely dark. You have to turn on the lights to see things. 

Method 5: Insulated Windows Shutters 

Insulated Windows Shutters are a popular choice among the new generation of people. These shutters are a bit more expensive than other options available in the market; however, it is all worth it. They look extraordinary and also improve the overall look of your home from both inside and outside. 

Method 6: Aluminum Foil 

If you have no budget but still want to keep the hot sun rays away from your home, then there’s an affordable option available with us. Yes, you can keep the hot sunrays away from your home by using aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is easily available and we all have it in our kitchen. 

Keep the reflective side of the aluminum foil towards the sun and stick the other side of the foil to your windows. You can use tape to stick the aluminum foil to your windows. You can remove the foil anytime you want by simply removing the tape. 

The Final Words: 

Hope you got enough information about how to weatherproof windows for summer. We have provided all types of solutions in this article. 

You can go with the no-budget or low-budget option or you can even install high-quality reflective films or install windows shutters or blackout blinds to keep the hot air away during the summers. 

If you are a DIYer, then go with the no-budget methods listed above. They are convenient and require no budget! 

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