The Modern Rules Of Business Tarot Spread

Tarot card
Tarot card

The modern rules of business tarot spread were created specifically for the business world. This version is good at assessing a single situation and can be used to predict the future. It is also not as intense or specific as other types of readings so it can often give you what you are looking for without overwhelming you with all the information. Business tarot spread is one that is very useful in the business world. The modern rules of business tarot spread will require some basic knowledge of the tarot to fully understand it and to make a more detailed analysis. 

It should not be used if you are not familiar with the proper rules and meanings. You can easily find these terms in most books on the subject or online. The modern rules of Business tarot spread has its own characteristics, but for a concise reading it is still easier to use those which are more traditional. When you are doing a business tarot reading, you will have your deck , you will have your cards , and you will need some space around you where there is nothing that could disturb the reading.

The Modern Rules Of Business Tarot Spread :

1. The Four Cards

In a business tarot spread, the four cards will always be Major Arcana cards. These are the cards of the suit of Wands and are the most powerful for a business reading. These are not only strong in terms of their power to change things in your life but also because they represent different aspects of materialism and wealth. The suit of Wands is also represented by money and power, so it can be used to represent these aspects well.

The other three cards in this version will never be major arcana, however they are still going to give you some useful information about what is going on in your business or personal life. These represent things that are going to happen soon and the general environment of your life.

2. The Suit Of Wands

The suit of Wands represents the fire element which symbolizes new beginnings, excitement, and power. Aspects of this card could include the physical representation such as a new building you will construct or even a new office for a company or business you own or manage, but it also has other aspects like spiritual and emotional power and excitement in what you are doing. This is where you will find things like getting an idea for something new or even taking a risk with something that might not be in the cards for you at that time. You can also get things like new passion or excitement in what you are doing.

If you do not have any of these cards in the whole reading, then it is a very good sign that things are not working out in your business and you should look into it. There could be a possibility of something going wrong so take note on this card if it is not present.

3. The Four Court Cards: The King, Queen, Knight, and Page

These are the cards that will represent the suits as usual of clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. These four cards represent different aspects of your life and situation which will go through them all at once which can be very overwhelming for inexperienced readers .

The King represents the first suit. In this case, it will be clubs. This card represents your issues and concerns that are happening at present time. It can also represent issues or problems you have or might have in the future.

The queen is the second suit which is represented by diamonds in a business tarot spread. This card represents your thoughts and feelings on the situation at hand. It can also represent things such as some advice you received or even a unique perspective on something going on at that time like an investor giving you some good advice because they know what they are doing.

4. The Knight is the third suit which is represented by hearts. 

This card represents your energy and how you are feeling about it at that time. It can represent things such as how much energy you are putting into something, or it can also be an indicator of your motivation level.

The final card which is the Page will represent spades or the fourth suit in this deck. This card represents those things that are important to you at the time of the reading. It could be someone who is important to you right now or a new job opportunity on your table right now which will become important soon enough.

5. The Court Cards

The court cards are going to be different in this version. Like usual, the court cards are going to represent the four suits in a business tarot spread and they will always be major arcana cards. 

To help you know what these cards mean, there are special meanings for each of them which are known as fixed or permanent meanings. These meanings can change or shift depending on whether you use this method of reading or not, so make sure that you understand what they mean before using it. The last part of the card is used to interpret how soon they will occur and how long they will last during that time period.


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