Shocking Facts About Autoxray Out Of Business

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“Essentially, Autoxray out of business is an old-fashioned, non-digital testing device. A technician slides the card through a slot on the side of the machine which causes a small X to appear on the card. This is then compared against another X that has been printed on another card. The machine will print out “accepted” or “rejected.” This method of screening was invented in 1951, and it has not changed since then. The technology is outdated and as a result there are many issues with it: one being speed and accuracy. Autoxray out of business is a notoriously slow test. In fact, it is so slow that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) has called for its complete replacement by the end of this year.”

“The main issue with using Autoxray out of business for screenings, however, has to do with the accuracy and how technicians manually interpret the results. The X-ray images produced by the machine are not in color, and as a result technicians must manually match them against each other. This can lead to human error.” “Many drivers have been turned away who were clearly not impaired by drugs or alcohol after failing their screenings simply due to poor interpretation skills on the part of the technician.

Shocking Facts About Autoxray Out Of Business :

1. Poor Analysis of X-ray images: 

The NHTSA has called for Autoxray out of business’s replacement with a more accurate, faster and color-coded X-ray system. X-ray machines are used to gather information about the body. The information is then used to determine if there is a medical need such as injury, illness or tumor in the body. 

In order for these images to be interpreted, they must be taken in three dimensions and calibrated to give context to the image and allow people to screen for specific conditions. The only way that this can happen is through the use of computer software which allows technicians to follow a set pattern and make accurate analysis according to different factors such as age, weight, gender and condition.

2. Outdated Technology:

The technology of Autoxray out of business has not advanced since 1951. It is archaic, slow and generally inaccurate. A technician will take a urine sample from a driver and hand it to a supervisor who then runs it on the Autoxray out of business machine. The results are then compared against a chart on the screen in order to determine if the driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs. These are typically very confusing graphics that don’t give much information to the supervisor aside from “Accepted” or “Rejected.

3. Poor Interpretation Skills:

The interpretation level of Autoxray out of business is difficult to understand and is not very accurate. Most importantly, it is very time consuming and can be inaccurate because of the lack of computer software to interpret the results quickly. As a result, technicians may result in a driver who might be able to safely drive under the right circumstances being turned away just because they failed an Autoxray out of business screening for no other reason than poor interpretation skills on the part of a poorly trained technician.

4. Liability Issues:

Because of this, Autoxray out of business screens for drug and alcohol impairment are not admissible in court. Many drivers who were found to be over the limit have successfully mounted a case against their employers and managed to win because they had no way of proving they were impaired by drugs or alcohol.

5. Treatments:

Due to its outdated nature, Autoxray out of business simply cannot test for certain conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes or heart problems. Drivers with these conditions would be turned down for employment without even getting the chance to prove that they are not impaired by alcohol or drugs.” 

6. Autoxray out of business syndrome:

“Autoxray out of business syndrome is a term used to describe the negative psychological effects that are caused by being rejected on a pre-employment drug test. It is a form of irrational fear that is often associated with the Autoxray out of business machine and the inability to explain why one has failed the test. This anxiety can result in procrastination when it comes to applying for jobs, refusal to job interviews or even a complete avoidance of work.”

“Autoxray out of business syndrome is a strain that many drivers feel when they are turned down for a job interview or rejected on a drug test after failing an Autoxray out of business screening. In fact, this syndrome has caused several people to quit their jobs and find work elsewhere.”

7. Effects of Autoxray out of business syndrome:

The negative psychological effects that are related to Autoxray out of business syndrome can create issues in how someone sees themselves, their abilities and how they view their potential future employers. This can lead to procrastination when it comes to applying for jobs such as opening up a savings account or paying bills, refusal to job interviews and even a complete avoidance of work.

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