The majority of people who watch television today are avid “Pokemon” fans, and can’t help but wonder what would happen if a worldwide Pokemon War was held. I personally don’t know. But it would be interesting to think about. Can pokemon call for help when paralyzed from fear? How many pokemon would be in a world war? And what would Japanese pokemon represent? The Pokemon world, for the most part, is peaceful. There are occasional conflicts, but no large-scale wars. This is also why battles don’t devolve into all-out carnage between pokemon. 

No matter how strong one’s pokemon may be, it’s still possible to avoid hitting each other with your attacks and just dodge back and forth. Despite this, the people of the Pokemon World are aware of the possibility of a global war based on Pokemon fights, known as “Pokemon Wars.” For this reason, people cannot leave their homes during “Pokemon Wars” unless they are sent outside of the nation by their parents or guardians. Regardless of whether or not the anime is still in production, the series has gained a following that has yet to diminish in popularity over its thirty-third year of existence. 

To many people around the world, Pokemon remains one of their favorite things ever. The Pokemon franchise gives viewers an excuse to unleash their inner child and nitpick at their favorite mythical creatures all day long without being judged by others who find this behavior pitiful. Although there are thousands of Pokemon to choose from, these creatures are always presented as being simultaneously more and more powerful than the previous. The ability to do “absolutely anything,” combined with all of the above, drastically reduces the amount of contradictions in the world of Pokemon. 

In this way, people can be free to concoct their own personal theories about pokemon, the franchise’s origins and society as a whole. This freedom is apparently something that many people use in order to better understand the world around them. Some people use it for much less noble purposes, like testing their abilities to manipulate others by making outlandish claims that they know are false and/or making fun of said outlandish claims made by other people as if they were true.

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Pokemon :

1. Ash Ketchum – 

The main protagonist of the main Pokemon series. He is a typical boy with an insatiable appetite for adventure, and his goal is to become a Pokemon master. His age has varied throughout the show, but it is estimated to be 10-12 years old, as that is when most people are believed to be mature enough to handle discovering the world and exploring their own place in it.

2. Team Rocket – 

Also known as Team Roketto or just Rocket-dan, this organization was founded by Giovanni during his own ambition to capture every pokemon in existence, so he could become the world’s greatest pokemon trainer. His goal was to start with the pokemon “Red” then “Blue,” and so on, down through all the available pokemon.

3. Giovanni – 

The leader of Team Rocket and the main antagonist of the main series Pokemon series. He was directly responsible for creating the organization, and manipulating Ash into helping him capture all pokemon. When he realized it wasn’t possible to conquer all pokemon, Giovanni simply turned against Ash for being a huge disappointment as his partner in crime. He chased Ash down until he found himself inside a van that stopped him from ever escaping.

4. Red – 

Red Oak is the grandson of Professor Oak, but they are never shown meeting due to the fact that he was born in the second generation when Ash was still traveling around. His catchphrase is “I’m going to be the world’s greatest pokemon trainer!” He was never heard from again after he became a Pokemon Master.

5. Blue – 

Blue Oak is another grandson of Professor Oak, and his friend Green are regularly featured in different places around the world like Red, but neither of them have ever been shown to meet each other despite their families both being related to Professor Oak. Blue is more of a pessimist than Green, and considers himself to already be the world’s greatest trainer despite the fact that he hasn’t even begun his adventure. Blue is never heard from again after he realizes that Red was the true Pokemon Master.

6. Green – 

Green Oak is yet another grandson of Professor Oak, and an unnamed “rival” of both Red and Blue in the second generation of the main Pokemon series. He is a very optimistic person who always knows what to say at a certain time, which makes him a great friend because if neither Red nor Blue are feeling well or sad, they can always count on Green to make them feel better.

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