Whether you love to have a good collection of plants in your home or you are a long-time plant parent, you know those home planters deserve a place of their own.  Plants can liven up the space and give it a warm vibe. If you are wondering which planters to take up to decorate your home, that would not only keep your plants healthy but will also add character to your house, here are some home planters that you can add to your home space-

1. Choose Vines

You can easily shape the vines so that they can be wrapped around a mirror. These will help you to keep the dangling leaves off the floor and also add some character to the front wall.

2. Try Terracotta

When it comes to playing around with plants, you can be a little creative and try new things. You should understand what your plant needs to thrive and listen to the signs that your plants are giving you. You can play with planters and even invest in terracotta pots that have different textures and designs.

3. Do away with the headboard

Who needs a formal headboard when you have a wall of plants above your bed? Your headboard can act as a planter and help you fall asleep dreaming of the outdoors.

4. Wooden planters

Wooden planters are your go-to choice because they can be modern as well as traditional. You can even go for a custom-size container that can be fitted in a specific area. It is the easiest choice and is not very expensive on the pocket too. Ordinary wine boxes and small storage boxes can also be repurposed as plating containers.

More about showpiece for home

Nothing can replace a classic showpiece for home or a fountain that is placed in the middle of the entrance of your home. The sight of the fountain, or Buddha showpiece gives a very happy and soothing feeling to anyone who comes to your house. Each showpiece if placed well can attract the guests and leave a lasting impression too. A showpiece has the power to not only enhance the overall look of your house but also make it look rich and well organized. You can even go for ceramic pots, rustic vases, artificial planters, personalized photo frames, etc. which are not only budget-friendly but look pretty too.

To Sum It Up

You can check out a vast range of home planters and a charming showpieces for home at various websites like Etsy, WallMantra, Nestasia, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, etc. Your house is your reflection and an amalgamation of everything that is bought with love and attachment makes your home a complete place. You can decorate your home using simple items. Always remember the things you put in your home leaves a lasting impression on the minds of your guests. Hence, they need to be picked up well.  



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