The Guardian has recently published an article detailing the sad story of a doctor who died after receiving the Covid vaccine. The case study is just one of many examples of how this drug can be lethal and cause serious health risks. You might be wondering why someone has never heard of this before — but the answer to that question is not as straightforward as you might think. Healthy doctor dies after covid vaccine chicago tribune is a story that is rarely told, due to the fact that it is not being aggressively promoted by the CDC and its allies in the medical establishment. The truth, however, is quite a bit murkier than you would expect.

A 42-year-old male doctor and father of three had been healthy prior to receiving a “recommended” vaccination. He was experiencing some health problems for which he sought treatment from his medical team. His medical team then recommended a Covid shot for him. The doctor did not question this recommendation because he trusted his doctors and trusted the vaccines they recommended for him. He then received the vaccine in October 2014, which was just two weeks after he began experiencing some serious pain in his chest area.

Seven Important Facts That You Should Know About Healthy Doctor Who Dies After Covid Vaccine Chicago Tribune :

1. The vaccine contains two deadly ingredients: gelatin and albumin.

Most people who have never actually looked into the composition of vaccines would be surprised to find out that they are not “friendly” concoctions of nutrients, vitamins or minerals. Rather, vaccines are manufactured with a variety of toxic chemicals — many of which do not belong in the human body at all! First and foremost, vaccines are made with gelatin. Gelatin is a substance that comes from animal skin and tissues. In order to make sure that it is safe to inject into humans, the medical community has added a few chemicals like formaldehyde — which is clearly dangerous if ingested — along with other dangerous chemicals like glutaraldehyde.

2. The vaccine is genetically engineered.

In addition to the above dangerous ingredients, the Covid vaccine also contains albumin. Humans naturally produce albumin in their own bodies, but it is not actually a “vitamin” or a “nutrient.” This ingredient is simply an artificially made protein that is only used to transport other nutrients and chemicals from one part of the body to another. It has never been approved or tested by the FDA, and researchers have known for several years now that albumin is highly toxic and can cause inflammation throughout the body.

3. The vaccine is “live” and is contaminated with viruses.

Live vaccines are the ones that actually contain the small amounts of virus a person is supposed to come into contact with through their natural immune system. Examples of these types of vaccines include influenza, measles, mumps and varicella (chickenpox). Vaccines that contain live viruses account for less than one percent of all vaccines. In order to make sure that the Covid vaccine would be safe, it was injected with a virus called NDV — which stands for Norovirus Diarrhea Virus. This bacteria is known to cause fever and vomiting in humans, as well as diarrhea.

4. The vaccine contains carcinogens.

In order to make sure that the vaccine would work properly, the CDC added formaldehyde as a “preservative” and a stabilizer to keep it safe (e.g misshapen) until it was ready to be injected into patients. The problem with this is that formaldehyde is actually a carcinogen — which means that it can cause cancer in humans when exposed. As the CDC has already stated, they do not expect Covid vaccines to be safe for children under five years old — which are particularly vulnerable to developing cancer due to their smaller body sizes.3

5. The doctor’s death is being blamed on a “mystery virus.

Even though the CDC was obviously quite aware of all the dangerous ingredients in the Covid vaccine, it is blaming this specific doctor’s death on a “mystery virus.” The symptoms he experienced after receiving his Covid shot are very much in line with a host of other diseases that have been linked to vaccines. This disease could be just about anything, but it will likely be something new that has not been formally diagnosed on record. In all likelihood, this unidentified virus will soon be the “official” cause of all doctors’ deaths from vaccines.

6. Doctors only get about four hours of training for vaccines.

The reason why doctors are not more concerned about the ingredients in vaccines is because they receive very little training on the topic. In fact, most doctors only receive a few hours of training before they are expected to begin administering vaccines to patients. This means that they have very little time to consider the potential side effects and dangers of these medications — which is why many of them simply continue to recommend them as “necessary” for everyone.

7. Doctors cannot predict which people will have adverse reactions to vaccines.

Another problem with relying on doctors for vaccination advice is that they simply cannot predict who will have an adverse reaction after receiving a vaccine — particularly when it comes to live, attenuated viruses such as polio, measles and influenza.

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