Lessons I’ve Learned From Kavyamadhavan Facebook


Kavyamadhavan facebook  is a North Indian-style band with lyrics and instrumental from Kavyamadhavan. Right from the start, we’ve been learning lessons about life through stories and often through music. They started back in 2006 with the mission of spreading awareness about the world just by playing songs that are a part of our everyday lives.

They’ve trained under many great musicians. They had the chance to learn from Western performers in France and Germany. They were also able to meet people who have been living and working with communities in Scotland, Tokyo, South Africa and Spain. The band members gained experience in various fields of life such as music, environmental conservation and media literacy.

The band is well known for their strong urge towards self-development through the years of music performances – which includes constant exploration for new material, experimenting with Techno beats alongside traditional Indian instruments like tabla, harmonium and dholak . It also includes their collaborations with well established artists like DJ Vadim in Paris.

Lessons I’ve Learned From Kavyamadhavan Facebook :

1. You are the artist.

This is something I heard for the first time at a Kavyamadhavan concert back in 2006. They’ve performed with international artists who were born and raised in different cultures, but all had the same passion for music. They were able to appreciate and respect each others’ art. This is when I realized that we could be ourselves without changing anything in our culture. We don’t have to be what other people expect us to be, we just have to be ourselves and do what we want to do!

2. Let your audience feel it.

Their songs are often about accepting and celebrating life, which is something we all can relate to. During their performances, the crowd was always so connected with the lyrics and music. They knew exactly what was being said in those words and it felt like they were singing to them. This is proof that when you have a good connection with your audience, it will be easy for you to release meaningful messages through your art.

3. Your ears are your highest priority!

The band members listened to any type of music they could get their hands on during their early performances in France and Germany, including but not limited to electronic music, Jazz and Rock. They even performed with a poet named Luca who used to perform on a typewriter. This is when they realized the importance of knowing how to listen to other people. If you can’t listen to others, you can’t be part of any conversation or performance! Also, if you don’t know how to listen to new types of music, it will be very difficult for you to get good feedback with your artworks.

4. You have them in your life so let them motivate you!

Kavyamadhavan Facebook is a band that has been performing at conferences like World Social Forum, United Nations Youth Forum and several environmental forums in Asia and Europe. They always do an introduction at their performances that talks about all of the things they’ve learned in their journey. This is when I realized that they often find they were inspired by other people, just like we are all inspired by others because we’re connected on a deeper level than just music.

5. Have fun with it!

The band members have always been very happy with what they do and never take it too seriously. They’ve also been very open to new opportunities that have come their way and often collaborated with people who are far away from where I am from in the Middle East. They have had the chance to learn about different cultures and people. This proves that we should be open to new things because it is impossible to achieve anything if we’re not willing to do so.

6. We are all connected.

They have also stated during their performances that they believe in the idea of being connected with every single person as a human being, despite cultural and religious differences, because they truly believe that we’re all in this planet together. It’s a fact that we are all connected on this Earth through our daily lives, so why not make the most out of it? This might be a good lesson for us all!

7. Let’s learn from each other.

They have also mentioned in their performances that we are all in this planet together, tasked with learning and teaching lessons to one another. We often learn things through stories or sometimes even through music. That’s why they started playing songs that were a part of our everyday lives, because it was a good way to connect people who might feel different from each other at first sight but actually have so much in common. Such as love for family and friends, fear of death and everything else that life brings us through the years of our existence!

8. You don’t need a formal education these days.

Kavyamadhavan Facebook has given some amazing performances over the years, which means they have never been to the best music schools in India. They always say it would have been great if they had more formal education and more opportunities in life, but that’s not what’s most important. What really matters is the fact that they are doing what they love and making other people happy every time they perform!

9. It’s not about what you look like but who you are!

The band members play different instruments together, which means they couldn’t hardly be able to sing without being ridiculous when performing together.


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