The Baldwin Hills are a neighborhood of South Los Angeles, California. There is no one set boundary to the Baldwin Hills because it is an area of unincorporated Los Angeles County that is bounded on the north by Interstate 405, on the east by Western Avenue, on the south by Third Street and Fourth Street, and on the west by Florence Avenue. The portion of today’s Baldwin Hills between Western Avenue and Florence Avenue was once part of old Rancho La Brea land owned then in 1820 by David Hancock. 

In 1873 John Rains bought about two acres for $2 an acre for development purposes. This developed into what became known as Hancock Park. Baldwin hills cast now is more than just one person and it is more than just the actors, writers and other persons that appear in these movies. The Baldwin Hills Cast is a group of people who live in the Baldwin Hills area, but don’t live there mainly because of their work. They are involved and supportive of all Hollywood personalities in the community and they are also known as Baldwin Hills citizens. 

The term ‘Baldwin Hills Citizen’ refers to anyone that lives, works or stays in the area. Baldwins were once a popular name for families due to their height and their reputation for being smart. However today, because this neighborhood is so full of celebrities it is often referred to as ‘Hollywood’.

Facts About The Cast Of Baldwin Hills :

1. The actors are good :

Being the actors that they are, the Baldwin Hills cast members have really good acting abilities. This is because many of them have been around and been acting in movies and television shows since they were a child. They are also great at pretending to be other people. The actors can also be seen on a regular basis helping out in events back at home as well as various charity work.

2. They have shown interest in the community : 

The Baldwin Hills cast is a fun, lively and entertaining bunch. They have shown much interest in the community and have worked hard to ensure that their neighborhood is well taken care of. In fact most of them own houses or land in the area. They are not just actors who live there but they are also Baldwin Hills citizens.

3. They support and help each other out :

The actors that make up this cast are there for each other especially when it comes to supporting one another. They will support whoever needs it, whether it be an actor that needs a better role or another actor that needs support for whatever reason, this cast is always on their side ready to help out.

4. They are known as the ‘Baldwin Hills Citizens’ : 

Not only is this cast full of talented actors, but they are also involved in the community. So like mentioned above, they are Baldwin Hills citizens, they help out and support other people as well as events in the area. They love to be active in their community and make sure that everyone around them is doing well. This is evident even when someone famous passes away from age or death from a major accident. Many of these actors have expressed their sadness by attending events organized to pay tribute to the deceased individual’s life and work including when Michael Jackson passed away.

5. They are very popular : 

Because this cast is made up of so many talented actors, they receive much media attention and are very popular in their neighborhood as well as everywhere else. Their popularity is not only on TV but also in reality, many generations have seen the Baldwin Hills rise to fame. This has become a set place for movies and television shows to take place because it attracts a lot of people due to the fact that these talented actors have made their neighborhood famous.

6. They are active in their community : 

Most of the actors that make up this cast are well known for being involved with local organizations dedicated to improving living conditions for their local communities and neighborhoods just like them.

These actors have also gone the extra mile for charity events. Most of them are very active in their local communities and are known for their commitment to improving the conditions of life all over the US. They believe that working together is the only way to achieve better things. One of their goals is to improve education and health care. The Baldwin Hills actors visit schools, hospitals, and children’s homes at all times to enhance these facilities with materials and equipment they need.

7. They deal with many challenges : 

When it comes down to it, being an actor can be a very difficult career choice especially if one doesn’t know exactly where it could lead them down.

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