Teaching writing in a traditional classroom setting is often time-consuming, tedious and ineffective. Writing centers tackle these problems by offering one-on-one student support and intensive, focused attention on writing improvement. When students can focus on learning tricks of the trade that they need in order to write better papers or think more critically about their work, they are often more willing to practice, resulting in significant gains for them as well as the writers with whom they practise.  Bentley writing center is designed to accommodate the needs of all types of writers, from those who need assistance with grammar and simple organization questions to more advanced writers who require proofreading, editing and general writing advice. 

Along with the help that students can get in a writing center, there are also benefits for their teachers as well. In particular, they can benefit from the increased productivity of their students and the ability to spend more time on more important elements of teaching. It is easy to be skeptical about whether or not writing centers will be effective for helping our students improve their writing skills. The benefits of such an approach do not end there; by offering personalized teaching and self-paced learning opportunities without all the distractions that exist when attending classes or lectures, writing centers can help students learn how to organize their time in a way that maximizes their productivity.

Are Writing Centers Any Good? Seven Ways You Can Be Certain :

1. They are time efficient.

In the classroom, if a student cannot attend a class or a lecture because of an extenuating circumstance, it is often impossible to make up for that lost time (usually making it much longer than before the absence). Writing centers are specifically designed for these situations and, therefore, will allow students to learn regardless of whether they are able or not be at school. The result is increased productivity and potential benefits in the long run as students begin to see how they can use their time more efficiently.

2. They are teacher efficient.

Writing centers are not designed to replace traditional teaching methods; instead, they are intended to supplement the time that teachers have available for their assignments. If a teacher only has time for one-to-one advising, it is important that he or she choose a professional writing center that is up-to-date with all of the latest strategies, techniques and strategies that can help students improve their work. 

A student who learns effective strategies through a professional writer will be more likely to use those strategies in his or her own writing, increasing both the quality and quantity of their writing throughout the duration of their coursework and career.

3. They are student efficient. 

Students who have difficulties with the written word are often ignored by teachers because of the limited time that the teachers can spend on each student. Writing centers, however, can provide students with the one-on-one support and intensive, focused attention that they need to improve their work. 

Not only are writing centers designed to accommodate a wide range of types of writers, but they also understand how large an impediment a lack of confidence or bad writing habits can be for some students in particular. When these students get the chance to see their own progress on paper or learn how to use new strategies in order to write better papers, they tend to be more willing to practice and potentially improve in both quality and quantity.

4. They are peer efficient.

Writing centers do not provide students with a new set of problems or additional anxieties. Instead, they aim to provide them with the necessary tools that they need in order to learn how to write effectively in the first place. The act of writing, when done properly at a professional setting, is meant to supplement and build upon a child’s previous learning experiences rather than be an all-new experience altogether. 

By providing this type of individualized attention and support, students can see the positive effects that they have had on their own writing and learn how to utilize what they have previously learned in order to become better writers.

5. They are free and efficient.

Writing centers are designed to deliver exactly what they promise; students do not have to pay for the services that these centers provide, and teachers do not have to spend time teaching or re-teaching the material that they already know. These centers understand that teachers often suffer from burnout and can also benefit from a place where they can go when they need a break. When teachers are more reluctant to give up parts of their workday, establishments like writing centers offer a way for them to sharpen their skills in an affordable way.

6. They are professional and efficient. 

Writing center professionals know everything there is to know about writing, even when it comes down to grammar and formatting strategies. They are able to directly benefit teachers and students alike in these areas, which allows them to provide the highest quality of service. This allows students to receive more individualized attention and instruction rather than being told or shown the answers in some kind of generic way that may or may not be helpful to them.

7. They are efficient in all ways possible.

No matter what assignment they have, regardless of how long it is or what will be expected of them, writing centers have been designed to help students improve in all possible ways. Students will be able to complete their writing assignments faster and with better results, teachers will be able to spend their time on more important assignments and classroom activities, and even the process of running the business can benefit from modern technology. When they offer students a better understanding of how they can use their time effectively, they create an opportunity for advancement that is both creative and productive.

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