What is the word whizzle nfl teams?

Word whizzle nfl teams is a guessing game for 2 players in which the concept is to find words that are related to NFL teams. There are two packs of letters and a remote control, with each player taking one pack. The player with the remote control starts by pressing a button on their machine and then flashing the letters in a row at random. The other player has to select from their letter pack what word they think is being spelled out by those letters. If they guess correctly, the remote controller switches packs so that there’s two stacks for each player and then starts again with one flash of letters. You can play the game over and over, trying to improve on a previous score or by speeding up the speed of the flashes. It’s very addictive and really tests your knowledge of NFL teams!

What are people saying?

“I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that it’s not just 2 years old, but I think it was created when Andrej Koymasky was drafted by the Colts.” Great for kids too! A great way for them to learn their alphabet, lots of laughs involved, just like “Guess Who”. It’s fun because both sides have to do it first. It’s quite challenging too. Just keep an eye on them! “Funny and interesting. Maybe I’m the only one that hasn’t guessed that the word above is “Bucs”.”

“I’ve been playing since 1985 when I picked up a pack of Alpha A with your game in it. I still play and hope to win next chance I get to play. Love your game.” “Played this game at my daughters school last year, every week she kept improving her score, thought her teacher would start it up again this year in class.. was a bit surprised to find out she didn’t but have tried again myself, so looking forward to doing what we can.

What is the use?

Word Whizzle Nfl Teams is a great game to have and play with family and friends. It’s a great way to pick up and use new vocabulary without actually having to speak in a dictionary. The game also helps kids learn their alphabet, as they’ll definitely be using the team names to help them remember the words they’ve successfully guessed. It’s a great game to play in the car, on a bus or plane, or when you just have a few minutes in between grading papers or finishing off your lesson plan. The game is also quite addictive and challenging, so you can spend hours playing with family and friends.

How did I made it?

I picked out all of the NFL team names and sorted them into two piles. I then printed out the names of the teams with their logos on sheet of paper. When I was done printing all 32 NFL teams, I folded them up into cards and then cut them down to size using my paper cutter. I then laminated the cards and made them into a pack of playing cards! When I was done, I put the other pack of playing cards into a ziplock baggie!

What tools did you use? 

Paper cutter. Laminator. Computer to print out names and logos on the teams. Laminated playing cards. Ziplock baggies for the card packs. Age Range: All ages can play this game, from kids to adults! Probably best suited for ages 5+. Keep in mind for younger kids, you’ll have to read all of the team names out loud, unless your child is already familiar with all 32 NFL teams.

What are the features?

Word Whizzle Nfl Teams comes with 2 different packs of playing cards. They come in a ziplock baggie and are both laminated, so they can withstand a lot of use. You can keep the game in the baggie or take it out and put it on your desk or wherever you like to play!

How long did it take you? 

It took me about 1 hour to design the game, print out all of the names onto paper and then cut them down to size using my paper cutter. That 36 hours of work was spread over 2 days!

How much do you charge for this? 

$15.00 Playing Cards – A 6 card pack of playing cards featuring NFL team logo’s and a total of 32 teams. You’ll receive one set of these playing cards. The other pack contains all the letters used in the game, in alphabetical order: A through Z. These cards are laminated, so they can withstand a lot of use from kids or adults!

Who is behind this? 

I am Russell Williams, a teacher/lecturer who specializes in adolescent education at Workforce Ohio. I have always been fascinated with word games, but I also enjoy television and film. I want to make fun word games for kids, families and adults to enjoy!

What is the future of this product? 

I am just getting started with this product! This would be my first ever Kickstarter project. I am hoping that this first release of Word Whizzle Nfl teams will be a success and inspire me to continue developing other word games! 

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