How to Enroll In a Medicaid Pooled Trust

Medicaid pool trusts

Medicaid trust is a trust-benefit system built to cater to the needs of the aged and disabled individuals. Moreover, it offers an easy and accessible way to access the needed help and resources such as medical covers, living expenses, and home care treatments.

Enrollment to get in a Medicaid pooled trust can be challenging and complex. Since it involves income deposits and financial expenses layouts, it becomes a challenge for the disabled individual to be able to meet the set and required guidelines.

However, some organizations have developed a defined system that allows this category of individuals to be eligible and enrolled in the Medicaid trust. Such is the KTS Pooled Trust. However, there are several steps that a beneficiary must follow to register in a Medicaid pooled trust.

1. Consultations with the Medicaid Pooled trust

Consultations with the pooled trust are essential since they provide both parties with knowledge and understanding of the individual’s situation. It also lets the beneficiary know if they are fit for the trust.

In this step, the management team reviews the individuals’ situation to know whether the Medicaid trust fits them. In addition, this trust verifies the information needed to get into the trust so the individual can receive assistance.

2. Enrollment with Medicaid Trust

After the individual is verified to be fit for the pooled trust, the enrollment process begins through application to Medicaid. The recipient must fill out some forms and bring in the required documents to allow the applications to succeed. In addition, the individual is updated with the status of their application. However, in some circumstances, legal aid is needed during the application.

3. Medicaid processes the Applications for Eligibility.

In this step, the pooled trust verifies the recipient’s eligibility and must consider specific requirements to allow the individual to benefit from the trust. Such conditions include the ability of the individual to meet the income limits set, which must be within the age limit described. For disabled individuals, proof of medical documentation by their doctor must be stated or shown.

 4. Medicaid approves Application and Eligibility.

This step entails Medicaid approving the applications submitted and making the individual eligible for the pooled trust benefits. However, if one is not suitable, they are not necessarily shunned away but provided with better offers that fit their situations.

5. The Recipients join the Medicaid Trust.

After verifications and being declared eligible, the individual joins the pooled trust and enjoys all the benefits based on their eligibility level. In addition, they are assigned staff members and representatives who help them while receiving the benefits.

In addition, the staff helps set up an account for the individual together with how to make deposits, manage bills and cover needed expenses.


Becoming a beneficiary of a pooled trust can be complex and demanding; therefore, KTS pooled trust has enabled many aged and disabled persons to qualify for better home care services, manage their incomes, and cover monthly expenses. For more assistance, consult with your care staff.


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