Every day, each of us makes decisions about how we want to live our lives. And every day, we have choices about what to eat, how much rest and exercise to get, and which medical services to take advantage of. Omni health slim stix is a dietary supplement that you can use to help make better, healthier choices. Here are ten things your competitors know about health.

1. Healthy People are Good Businesses

Take advantage of the Super Bowl as a marketing opportunity. Even though it is not yet October, the NFL is already selling their vegan food for the big game. This is one of several ways that health-conscious companies have used to market their products. Health and fitness are no longer niche markets, and companies are willing to spend money with companies that induce (or help people achieve) good health .

2. High Blood Pressure is an Important Risk Factor for Heart Disease

In 2004, more than 90% of US adults over age 35 had high blood pressure, with more than half having systolic blood pressure (the number above the top number on your blood pressure reading) over 120 mmHg. Wider acceptance of this risk factor means it has become part of the natural history of many people.

3. Obesity and Diabetes are Growing Health Concerns

Obesity is a growing problem, with more than one in three adults now classed as obese or overweight. Diabetes costs the US healthcare system $174 billion per year, and there is growing evidence that even non-obese, overweight people can be at risk of developing diabetes over time.

4. Our Diets Are Changing and We’re Getting Worse at Eating Healthily

Greater knowledge about nutrition is creating important changes in how we eat. For example, we are getting better at identifying the foods that make us feel healthier.

5. Good Health is a Big Asset for Business

There are many reasons to run a healthy business: to attract the best talent, to provide flexible hours for employees and job seekers, and to protect the bottom line. Consider this statistic: long-term workers with unhealthy habits earn an average of $1,500 less per year than those in good health. In fact, working with healthy people can increase your productivity by 35%. How much would you pay your employees if they produced 35% more?

6. Health-Conscious People Drive the Economy

Health-conscious consumers are an engine of economic growth. In 2004, there were almost 96 million people who purchased natural and organic products, up from about 80 million in 2002. The sneaker market alone is worth $15 billion per year, and it’s growing at 10% a year.

7. Fitness Trends Make Money for Companies Selling Health-Related Goods and Services

Health trends are self-perpetuating: the more people watch others exercising, the more likely they are to exercise themselves. A fitness trend does not necessarily have to be mainstream; even small fitness markets can add up to big numbers – in 2003 alone, yoga enthusiasts spent $12 billion on equipment and apparel.

8. We Need Health Insurance to Protect Our Families

Health insurance is just as important to your employees as it is to your family. Many people choose their jobs based on benefits offered by the company, including health insurance. The number of people who can’t afford insurance is alarming: more than 1 in 3 US families had a gap of more than three months between their health needs and the money they had for them. This breaks down to one in four who are uninsured at any time, and almost one in five who go without coverage at some point during the year because they can not pay their premiums or other costs.

9. Healthy People Are High-Performing Workers

Competitive performance has many components, but the single most important is health. Look at the best performing companies in the world: they are all healthy companies, some more so than others. Of course, a healthy company does not guarantee success – but if companies are established by healthy people, chances for success increase.

10. Good Health Helps You Live Longer, Better

The greatest predictor of longevity is overall health and fitness – it’s not education or income level. In fact, older people who were around the age of 60 when they lived past the age of 80 lived up to 15 years longer than those who died at a younger age .

Conclusion : The modern world is increasingly promoting unhealthy lifestyles. Now is the time to use your health to your advantage. Start by creating a healthy environment for employees, as Google does with its walking paths, nap pods and free massages . Then make your product or service a part of the solution. And by all means, look at Omni Health Stix!

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