Search the internet for reputable employment agencies in Brisbane or Perth; you may find dozens of recruitment agencies. However, why is it preferable to employ a labour-hire firm rather than recruit for both temporary and permanent blue-collar positions? A study uncovered seven reasons businesses should consider using labour hire in Brisbane to meet their workforce requirements.


According to the Australian Financial Review, a successful recruitment process in Brisbane takes an average of 68 days. Time spent advertising the position and onboarding the new hire is included here, but time spent on orientation, training, and further education is not. Staffing needs may be met in as little as 24 hours when working with a blue-collar labour hiring firm. Moreover, the labour hiring firm in Brisbane will handle payroll, employee benefits, taxes, and other tedious but essential administrative tasks.

In other words, a labour hire firm in Brisbane will handle all the tedious tasks associated with hiring new workers, such as screening applications, conducting interviews, and settling pay rates.


The average cost of hiring a new worker is $18,982 in Brisbane, according to a recent study by the Human Resources Director, a renowned online publication in the field. The price jumps to $34,440 if the worker is a manager or executive.

People keep estimates that it will cost you $20,000 to train and upskill a new employee, and it will cost you an additional $34,000 in lost productivity while you search for a replacement in Brisbane.


When a firm has a temporary need for workers, labour hire in Brisbane steps in to fill the position with the most qualified candidate available. Due to their exclusive emphasis, labour-hire businesses have perfected their screening procedures, allowing them to exclude underachievers from the get-go.

These well-honed hiring methods do not only look at an applicant’s resume to see if they are qualified for a position. They also employ empirically-based tests to determine whether a prospect has the right work ethic, safety attitude, and cultural compatibility for an organisation. Compared with internal recruiting, employing a job-hire business dramatically increases the likelihood of finding a candidate who is a good match for both the open position and the organisation’s culture.

This helps businesses in Brisbane since the workers they recruit are enthusiastic about their work, committed to safety, and enthusiastic brand advocates.


The top temporary staffing agencies take care to supply workers that mesh well with the company’s values and possess the necessary skills and credentials. Staff provided by labour-hire businesses should have the following training and certification while working in the mining, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics sectors.

A reputed nationwide service many businesses use ensures that all employee records are kept up to date and following current laws and regulations. Industrial spray painters, cleaners and welders are some skilled tradespeople that any firm may benefit from employing via a labour-hire company.

When human resources are just a tiny component of an organisation, internal resources may not have ready access to the most cutting-edge resources. When a licensed labour-hire agency is available, there is no need to employ antiquated recruiting techniques.

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