When it is related to food preparation, every kitchen has to have a pan that has an Asian-inspired design. Standard frying pans can be replaced with healthy options like Asian-style woks. In addition to stir-frying, people can braise and settle steam in a wok.

The article showcases how to utilise a wok.

Healthy option

It features a curved shape, similar to a frying pan, which affects how well your food cooks. However, because of its excellent heat retention and low cooking oil consumption, it is a healthier alternative.

Once the meal is ready to serve, put the food to one side so that the excess oil drains away.

Cooking in woks

The conical shape of a wok allows it to distribute heat over a larger area than a frying pan. This function simplifies cooking meat or veggies in a single pan.

Tougher meats and veggies require more time in the hot oil at the bottom of the pan. Halfway through cooking, add the rest of the ingredients to the pan. Tender fish or vegetables can be used in place of these more powerful ingredients if desired.

Even when the last ingredients cook, the earlier ingredients continue to cook at a lower rate. There is no risk of overcooking.

Increased capacity

Because of its increased capacity, woks benefit considerably from frying pans. Your options for tomorrow’s supper expand when you prepare in larger quantities. After preparation, you can store the extra food in the refrigerator.

Because of the high walls, food splatters are reduced, and you won’t have to clean up any stuff off your burner, which will assist in keeping your kitchen hygienic.

Process of stir-frying in woks

The first stage in any process is preparation.

Slicing the ingredients into bite-sized pieces, all approximately the same size, should be the first step before turning on your wok. This will ensure that the food cooks evenly.

Once you start cooking, you won’t have time to chop or look for ingredients. However, you may rapidly add items to the hot skillet if you have a burner nearby.

The addition of substances:

Cooking using a wok opens up a world of culinary possibilities. It can hold a lot of food, and the raised sides prevent food from pouring onto the counter while stirring.

Woks have been a kitchen’s most valued item because of their variety and affordable cost. Most chefs use woks for stir-frying, but you may use them for other cooking techniques like boiling, poaching and braising.

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