You’ve been working hard (right?), and now it’s time for a break — just not from your work! Whether you’re looking for some new wall art or an easy way to spruce up a room, wallpaper is one of the best ways to create that desired look. But in today’s world, wallpaper can be hard on the wallet, which is why we’ve gathered together 10 guilt-free wallpapers archive ixel 3xl far cry 4 tips. From your favorite photographers and artists to designer brands and fun DIY solutions, scroll through these ideas before you decide on what you want!

#10 – Wallpaperaholic: 

Find some space, then turn on the music! It’s an amazing way to allow your home to really come alive, and it adds a fun element to your space—which is something you’d want in a room when you’re transforming it without spending too much! This wallpaper archive has tons of designers, creators and artists all with different styles of art. Some of their products are even exclusive to them, and they offer a huge variety of options, including the wall art shown above called “One Day”.

#9 – Handmade Vintage:

This site has a massive collection of handmade, custom-made and vintage products all meant to elevate your home. And, best of all, they’re affordable. This geometric wallpaper is made out of actual vintage magazines and is just $35 per roll (plus shipping). This shop offers a huge variety of different prints (and mirrored versions) of vintage stuff. From typography to art, nature scenes and more, there’s something for everyone in this archive!

#8 – Mockingbird Hill: 

Not only is this shop super fun (especially for bloggers, or if you’re into the vintage look like me), but there’s also a huge variety of different prints available! From nature scenes to typography and more, there’s something for everyone in this shop. Offering text-based prints for the walls or trendy styles for the flooring, Mockingbird Hill has some unique choices that will fit any room. 

#7 – The Wall Store:

This store is all about easy DIY options, and that’s exactly how it sounds. From the wall stickers to the fabrics and more, the “easiest way to personalize your space” is this archive. Check out this archive for some great deals on unique wallpapers. They stock everything from classics to modern and everything in between — all at reasonable prices!

#6 – Design by Humans:

One of the best options for designer wallpapers with a fun and funky vibe, they have tons of options both on the site and sold in stores. Design by Humans is one of my new favorite archives, because they offer tons of unique prints in a huge variety of options. From classic to modern, abstract to realistic, there’s something for everyone in this archive!

15 wallpaper

#5 – Minted: 

Minted is my favorite for their color-coordinated options. From classic to modern, abstract to realistic and everything in between, Minted has it all! Minted has been around for awhile now — and their wallpapers never get old! Their products range from classic to contemporary, so if you’re looking for something that’s more traditional or modern, Minted is the way to go.

#4 – Ellation:

Even if you’re not a designer, Ellation can be great for finding some awesome wallpapers. This is a fun, creative and artistic archive that has amazing wallpapers for just about any style you want. You’ll find everything from typography to nature wallpapers to animal prints — there’s something for everyone!

#3 – Paper Dressed: 

This is my new favorite archive, because they offer such a huge variety of choices that are all so modern and trendy! And you’ll find wood textures, art and more — all at reasonable prices of course! Paper Dressed has a ton of different options for you to choose from. From basic white walls to unique patterns and more, these products will have something to fit your space.

#2 – Orly: 

Orly has tons of different options, but I really love their classic styles. Orly is a well-known supplier of wallpaper — but they are much more than just wallpaper! Their products range from vintage homewares and art prints to even furniture pieces. They even have an option called “Orly Home”, which allows you to create a custom-made furniture, art or home decor piece that is one of a kind!

#1 – The Orange Print: 

This archive has amazing, simple and fun wallpapers that won’t empty your wallet. This archive offers designers, artists and brands all in one place. Here you’ll find everything from modern to contemporary and everything in between — even wallpaper for the flooring! From classic styles to anything offering a more eclectic feel, there’s something here for everyone.


With all of these great options to choose from, you’ll be surprised at how much variety there is in this archive. While the prices are a little higher than what you might find elsewhere, it’s well worth it for the quality of the products. You can truly find something to fit any room in your home!

There are so many wonderful things about home decor and interior design that we share the love for. But one of the most important is making sure it feels like a sanctuary with soft colors and comfortable furnishings that make our lives more peaceful.

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