It’s no secret that kids love Disney Princess movies. The movies are full of magic and princesses who change their own lives for the better, even when things look dire. This post will explore eight reasons kids love the Disney Princess films and how these films help shape a child’s future and try disney princesses faces grid tiktok.

8 reasons why kids love disney princesses are:

1. Princes, Princes Everywhere!

Disney Princess movies are full of princes, singing princes and talking princes. Each princess finds happiness when they find their prince. While there is nothing wrong with a girl wanting a prince to marry, these films do not explore other options for “When you grow up.” While all girls will marry at some point, it would be nice if the films explored professions for women besides veterinarian, secretary or princess. While the princesses have many roles (princess being one of them), it would be nice if Disney did more than just explore these archetypes.

2. One Word: Dresses!

One area in which Disney Princess movies shine is with dresses. These films are full of gorgeous dresses that sparkle, shimmer, flow and sway. Girls love this stuff. In fact, the dress is used so much that it’s easy to forget the other aspects of these movies: music, story, adventure and personalities.

3. The Princesses’ Denial 

Disney Princesses deny their own personal strengths in order to avoid conflict and drama. For instance, Cinderella must be different from her family in order to save them from poverty (merely by being herself). Snow White must pretend she’s brave when she can’t stand the chill of a monster (it works out for her because she does have a better outcome than everyone else). Belle must deny she loves reading and adventure because she is a prisoner of the beast who stole her love of life (this one was a little extreme because there was another way for her to get out). The princesses are afraid to accept themselves, even when that self-acceptance could save them or someone else.

4. True Love’s Kiss

True love’s kiss is a very powerful stuperio for the Disney Princesses. True love’s kiss can be used for good or evil. In the first movie, Belle kisses Gaston and he turns into a different person. At least once in each film, the solution to every problem is a kiss from true love. In addition, “true” love doesn’t matter as much as “love.” It doesn’t take true love for Belle to be saved from the Beast when she sees how he cries over her death. It takes love for Prince Phillip to save Sleeping Beauty… from the person who is saving her.

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5. The Princesses Die (or almost die)

At least once in each film, the princess dies (or nearly dies). They almost always wake up or get rescued, but they die a few times first. This seems to be important to kids. It makes them sad, but then happy when they wake up and live happily ever after. It’s a reminder that life is fragile, but can be renewed and lived again if you are willing to believe in yourself and those around you.

6. Marriage Doesn’t Matter

The princesses don’t seem to care about marriage. Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella are all given away to a man they are familiar with. Ariel and Belle actively pursue their true loves– against the rules of their kingdoms. The princesses do not ever seem to think about the future. They never seem to be thinking long-term, or accepting that they will have children. These films are very much focused on the here and now, but at some point, we need to think about our futures as well. In fact, one reason why marriage is examined in these films is because it’s important for a princess to start a family. 

7. The Fairy Godmothers

The fairy godmothers are a recurring part of the stories in which Disney Princesses live their lives out. They play different roles in each princess’s story, but they all seem to have the same purpose: they help the princesses get what they want. They are not there to teach them life lessons, but to make their lives easier. The entire point of a fairy godmother is that she is a teacher and mentor who teaches the princess how to solve her problems herself. However, this is not explored in any Disney Princess film. 

8. The Fathers

In most Disney Princess movies, the king and queen do not appear in person—or at least there is no mention of them being alive and well (even if they are dead). In fact, when looking at the princesses’ storylines, their fathers are never around either. It would be nice if Disney was to explore the role of fathers in a daughter’s life.


As you can see from this list, the Disney Princess films explore positive values. The princesses learn to believe in themselves and to fight for what they believe in. What about self-acceptance, a woman’s right to choose (even if she chooses not to marry), or basic life skills? These films have important messages for girls.

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