What is Hoey Clothing?

Hoey Clothing is a luxury clothing line founded in The Netherlands. Since 2003, they have been delivering fashion-forward garments perfect for the active lifestyle with a minimalist aesthetic. Hoey has been on the market for 27 years now, and they have expanded their business to include over 40 stores across Europe and North America.

Hoey offers menswear that is professional but casual, and womenswear that is professional yet fashionable—with some styles geared towards both genders. Most of the designs are made in their head office in Portugal or the Caribbean island of Antigua, while other items are produced by hand at their European design house.

Hoey’s clothing is described as “clean, sharp, and modern.” They want clothing that makes you feel good. And they want clothing that fits. Hoey’s clothes are made to look and feel good, not just to look good on a model or a shirt rack. Trends come and go, but Hoey stays true to their minimalist design aesthetic. They’re not overly concerned with trends and don’t follow them just for attention—they create garments that will stand the test of time with high-quality fabrics for timeless aesthetics.

What are the features of Hoey Clothing?

Hoey’s minimalist clothing has many features that you won’t find in other fashion lines. Unisex sizing. Many of their garments are unisex, so that both men and women can enjoy the same great look. Minimalist design. Hoey’s clothing is described as “clean, sharp, and modern.” Their designs are simple and minimal, designed to be elegant and timeless. They avoid excess design elements like ruffles and buckles (even though it would fit the brand aesthetic). It looks great on anyone! Classic cuts. Hoey Clothing offers classic-fitted clothes for men, as well as classic-fit dresses for women.

Are there any advantages?

Hoey Clothing offers a wardrobe for people in all situations. For those who want business-casual clothing that looks professional, but doesn’t feel too stiff, Hoey has you covered. They also offer business attire that is conservative and simple so it works in the office environment, but can still be worn on the weekend or any other day of the week. They have more casual clothing as well, like their stylish technical pieces and athletic wear.

The brand even has an entire line of activewear for athletes who don’t want to go out in public wearing workout clothes. For the fashion-forward, there is a line of dresses and suits that are fashionable and sophisticated. And for those who love to travel, Hoey also has travel clothing that can be worn on a plane or while traveling in a vehicle.

Where can you wear Hoey Clothing?

Hoey Clothing is meant to be stylish and serve as the perfect business or casual attire. They offer menswear for both men and women (unisex sizing), as well as womenswear (with sizes starting at XS). Their clothing can be worn at the office, while traveling on a plane or car, or while going out with friends.

What is the history of Hoey Clothing?

Hoey Clothing was founded in The Netherlands in 1973 by Jan van de Beek. Van de Beek made three garments: two tees and a long-sleeved button-down shirt. In addition to the line of shirts he sold at boutiques all over the Netherlands, he then opened his own boutique in Amsterdam’s city center to sell his new line.

In 1984, Hoey Clothing expanded their business by opening a factory and designing more clothing for menswear, as well as womenswear for both men and women. They started to sell clothing to larger retailers because of the popularity of their brand. In 1985, Hoey Clothing opened their first store in New York City, and then expanded their store count by opening boutiques in cities all over the US and Canada.

Twenty-three years later, in 2008, Hoey opened a factory in Portugal. That same year they also sold 25 million Euros worth of clothing. They added 125 more stores in Europe, North America, and Asia so they could offer their high-quality clothing to more men and women. At that point, Hoey Clothing had outgrown its production capacities at both the Dutch headquarters and the Portuguese factory.

What are the disadvantages?

The primary disadvantage of Hoey Clothing is their retail price point. Their clothing isn’t cheap. A simple shirt can run you between $100-$150. Similarly-priced boutique brands, like Greats or Levi’s, offer higher quality in comparison to Hoey’s selection, even though the companies are owned by the same parent company (which also owns Wrangler and Lee).

There are also other brands that offer similar products for cheaper prices. For example, Unis is an American clothing line that offers minimalist designs at a lower price point than Hoey.

Hoey’s clothing is designed with minimalist aesthetics, which may not appeal to everyone. If you want flashy clothes, then Hoey Clothing isn’t the line for you. Their designs are simple and straightforward. You won’t see ruffles or other decorative elements on their garments. Their clothes are meant to be comfortable and look good on anyone, no matter what size or body type you have.

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